5 Things you Didn’t Know about Amsterdam

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There is a lot to know about Amsterdam, but for most tourists, it has boiled down to a few points until now: the place has more canals than even Venice; drugs and sex are very liberal; it rains almost all the time; most people cycle to get around; and some people live on boats. However, there are a few other things as well, which you might not have known about the Venice of the North.

It has the Most Culture per Person

Because it is small and there are so many museums, Amsterdam is considered to have the most culture per capita on earth. This is also primarily some of the best works in the world, such as the ones found at Stedelijk, Rijksmuseum, and Van Gogh Museum.

The City Can Be Toured with Retired Sex Workers

You can conduct Amsterdam tours with retired sex workers, since the Red Light District is taking a hit form the authorities’ recent crackdowns. These women will have some good stories to tell about the city and its attractions.

Coffee Shops are Not Fully Legal

Amsterdam is famous for its weed-serving coffee shops, where you can buy cannabis as well as brewed drinks. However, these establishments are not exactly in the clear when it comes to the law, because selling, producing and possessing cannabis is illegal in the country. Still, there are coffee shops that do trade marijuana, even with official permits for doing so.

You Can Ride Pillion with a Local

The only good way to get around the bustle is on a cycle, but if you forgot to get one and need a ride, then all you need to do is yell “backie” at a local cycling by. How it works here is that they pull over if you they a yellow luggage rack. Then they drop you off where you need to get, assuming it is within their way, and maybe even give you a tour.

There are Printed Houses to Stay in

Amsterdam’s houses are mostly known for being step-gabled, but the Dutch are not the type to be satisfied with the marvels they have already created. In fact, the government recently backed the construction of a full-sized 3D print house right in the middle of the city. This place is let out for short-term stay, but it does come with a caveat: the bathroom is outside.