Explore the Dutch Culture during your Tours in Amsterdam

Tours In Amsterdam

Exploring Dutch Culture

One of the best-kept secrets of Amsterdam is that the city has many beaches among other attractions like the canals and museums. Amsterdam offers you many things on account of its rich history, so when you plan tours in Amsterdam, you must schedule a visit to the Zandvoort aan Zee sandy beach in the coastal town. In fact, reaching Zandvoort would take just around half an hour from Amsterdam’s Central Station by the tube.

Many natives and tourists come to Zandvoort aan Zee in large numbers, some to swim, others to surf. People with kids aim for the playgrounds in the beach, whereas families look to evade from the scorching sun by heading to the beach clubs. If you hop on any of the tours in Amsterdam, you must also visit the canals in the city also.

Giethoorn village is best explored on an electric boat say each and every Amsterdamian in the neighborhood. There are not many roads to be seen in Giethoorn even as there are restaurants, and shops alongside mild traffic. The natives use the boats as well as the wheelbarrows to bring home anything from outside the city. The bridges in Giethoorn give way for the side walkers to move from the canal’s one side to the other. You may feel the bridges are higher than what you are used to if you come from outside Europe to Giethoorn village in Amsterdam.

In fact, the ancient bridges are high, as cows had to be moved from place to place underneath the bridge back when farming was the way forward to earn a living for the Dutch. The best thing about the idyllic beauty of the villages in Amsterdam is that they give a medieval feel for those on an Amsterdam tour. Rotterdam is another place to explore on foot if you want to experience the urban lifestyle in the city, have a culinary experience tasting local food and experience the same maritime feel, which the Dutch often feel.

The moment you arrive in Rotterdam, the Markthal Hall would catch your wavering attention. Enter if you want to fill your appetite with all those walking and hopping around in the city of Amsterdam. Rotterdam is also where the Sinterklaas arrives in a steamboat just as the Christmas season nears.