How to Celebrate Halloween in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Halloween Celebration

Amsterdam is one of the most forward-thinking and creative cities in the world, and Amsterdamians sure know how to celebrate Halloween. If you wish to celebrate this year’s Halloween to the fullest, then Amsterdam is the perfect destination to do so.

Each and every street in the Dutch capital will be filled with scary costumed revelers on October 31, that is on the Halloween Day. You can also see plenty of tourists and Amsterdamians dancing around at epic parties. If you are planning to go on Amsterdam tours this month, then this city has a lot in store for you. Below are some of the best things you can do in Amsterdam during the Halloween.

Amsterdam Halloween Festival and Costume Party

The annual Halloween Festival and Costume Party in Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the major events in the city this time of the year. This festival has been entertaining visitors and natives since the year 2000 and this year’s edition of the festival is rumored to be the biggest festival ever. Get ready for an exciting week of twisted performances, horror movies, professional make-up workshops, and creepy outfits.

Ghost Walking Tour

If you wish to learn about the witches, ghouls, and demons in the city of Amsterdam, then you must certainly attend the Ghost Walking Tour while you are in the city. This tour is both educational and scary, which means that it might not be the ideal choice for the faint-hearted ones. This adventurous tour will take visitors to spine-chilling locations in Amsterdam. A professional guide/storyteller will be there with you throughout the journey to tell you haunting tales. This will make your tours in Amsterdam a lot more memorable, so try not to miss it before ending your tour.

Horror Movie Marathon

If you are a person who loves films, especially horror flicks, then you must head straight to the famous Pathé Tuschinski Cinema of Amsterdam for a movie marathon. This all-night movie marathon will cover films of zombies, legendary serial killers, ghosts, and more. Some of the horror films that you can see at the Pathé Tuschinski Cinema during the Halloween are “It Stains the Sands Red”, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe”, and “Jigsaw”.

If you still have time, then you must try to attend the Monster Ball and Amsterdam Dungeon event to make your Halloween a lot more scary and adventurous.