What Makes an Amsterdam Canal Tour a Culinary Experience

Amsterdam Canal Tour

Amsterdam Canal Tour

The Amsterdam canals enjoy a special place in the minds of both Dutch and tourists even today alongside the windmills in the suburbs and in the Zaanse Schans museum just bordering the city. Amsterdam has plenty to offer to the growing number of visitors each year. In fact, due to the visitors’ count and the crowded traffic henceforth, the city council has decided to put an end to the beer bike tours in the city center recently. However, a cruise through the waterways of Amsterdam on a boat will give those on a private Amsterdam canal tour an equal view of the city landscapes and other pleasures.

The Amstel River is synonymous with the city. The Sinterklaas often make a maritime arrival past Nieuwe Amstelbrug, Hogesluis, Torontobrug, and Magere Brug bridges, which sail over the Amstel River. Other attractions you can see in the city are the canal houses in Damrak, often referred to as the ‘dancing houses’. The canal houses in the canal ring area in Amsterdam sails over the waterways of the city and gets featured in everything from the Delft pottery to postcards and many other things.

The medieval canal ring area having a picture-postcard beauty in Amsterdam’s Singelgracht was recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2010. The canal ring is encircled by canals Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht; each of them lined up with the dancing houses and protruding out of the Singel canal. The canal houses were built for the rich bankers and merchants, and often served as living spaces and workspaces with specialized storage in the basements or attics.

Another amazing fact about the city landscape is that Amsterdam has more bridges than Venice. In fact, the city is often referred to as the Venice of the North owing to the number of canals in Amsterdam, which is thrice to Venice nicknamed the ‘City of Bridges’.

When on an Amsterdam canal tour, you could see the bridges flash by alongside the houseboats that line up by the canals. Most of the houseboats are residential, but tourists can have wine and dinner in the houseboat hotels, which is another pleasure of the private canal boat tour Amsterdam.