Why the Habit of Cycling Is More Than a Fad in Amsterdam City

Amsterdam Bike Tour

Amsterdam Cycle Tours

Amsterdam street landscapes are filled with bustling bicycles that take people to workplaces, schools, and even courier destinations. Cycling is a part and parcel of the Dutch culture. For a landscape that is below the sea level, the flat cycling terrains in the city capital are ideal for cycling. When you are in Amsterdam, you can even see cops, councilmen, the city Mayor, and even King Willem-Alexander spending a considerable time on cycles. To the outsiders, going on an Amsterdam bike tour is all about exploring the city on a bicycle and having fun but for the Dutch, it is more than a fad and a tradition that has spanned over for generations.

Cycling began as a pastime in the late nineteenth century and gradually became a transportation mode after the Second World War. Urbanization took over the city in the 1960s and four-wheel vehicles started to emerge slowly but steadily during that period. In fact, there was even a plan to pave way for four-wheel vehicles over the iconic canals in Amsterdam but cycles found their way back soon. The investments  made by the city council in improving the infrastructure for cycling which started four decades back didn’t go in vain.

As of now, Amsterdam has around 881000 bikes, and natives cover approximately 2 million kilometers a day in the city fondly referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’. Two of the most taken paths in the city include Leidseplein square and Rembrandtplein square. Amsterdam is high in population but the weather is on the moderate side and that is a plus point for going on an Amsterdam bike tour program, as it will help you to roam around the city like a native. Below are some more fun facts about Bicycling in Amsterdam in a nutshell:

  • The city has dedicated around 236 kilometers as cycling paths for one-way riding and 275 kilometers for two-way.
  • The city capital has a Cyclists’ Union, which safeguards the interests of the cyclists, promotes awareness, and identifies safety measurements nationwide.
  • The parking areas for bicycles in and around Amsterdam’s Central Station amount to 10000.

If you are planning to go on Amsterdam tours, then make sure to rent a bicycle, as it will help you to explore the city of Amsterdam to its fullest.