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Partying well is an art, but much like painting, it requires the proverbial canvass to render your ideas onto. You need the right bar, street, or club to make sure nothing stops you from having a good time. Amsterdam is one international destination whose appeal stretches – or sprawls – in this direction as well. With plenty of cozy haunts and canal-lined locales, it offers up myriad possibilities to spin and spend a great weekend.

The best tours in Amsterdam include at least a couple night of immersive clubbing. You wait for sundown, and the city takes on a whole new look and light. Nightlife here is progressive, featuring 24-hour licenses that add this city to the list of round-the-clock clubbing havens you simply must visit.


An intimate scene placed nearby Sloterdijk Station, Bret is technically a craft beer café structured out of containers, with beautiful wood interior decoration. Sustainability is the message they try sending to each patron, and this seems to be working for the most part. Food and drink too is aligned with this particular attitude.


Situated on Rembrandt square in the bustling middle of the city, this club occupies the space out of Studio 80 used to run, up until 2015. With two rooms floored with wood and outfitted with a Danley system, it does not lack the ambience to get you in the mood for some fun. You can also catch up-and-coming local DJs plying their music here.

De Marktkantine

Originally intended as a market trader canteen when it was built in 1963, this place is steeped in musical, theater, and food history. A 1950 restructuring turned it into a theatre, before it was repurposed into a club in the 90’s. Following a stint of vacancy, a bunch of local entrepreneurs opened it back up in 2014.

De School

Inaugurated in 2016, this club is housed in what was once a technical school. Now, it is a concert venue, café, restaurant, gym, and exhibition centre rolled into one. The 24-hour permit lets you go in anytime after buying, and the place is open every day of the week. It can hold 700 patrons at any single time.

Garage Noord

Placed in the North Amsterdam, this small venue has enough room for about 150 people. Programd music is courtesy of Daan Alvering, who is also host of a Red Light Radio show, and Jonny Nash has played here. Garage Noord is part-restaurant, and is placed right beside SkateCafe.


This is an NPO based in Amsterdam, with its mission being programming diverse music, performances, dance, workshops, theatre, and markets. Programming held during midweek usually has live music, and weekends generally cover la mix of international and local DJs.


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This place is situated in an 18th de Weteringschans century church close to the Leidseplein. Apradiso first opened in 1968, and is now an acclaimed club and concert night venue. The place has a large main hall that can hold 1500, as well as a big stage with large church windows looking down on it. The adjoining hall holds 250.


This is a well-known cultural hotspot in the city. The current location was once a dentistry school of sorts. After getting its 24-hour permit in 2015, RADIO started using the space to program multiple cultural disciplines. Many of the best clubs in the city offer things other than music as well, and RADION is one of those. No wonder, most patrons find the experiences here so immersive.


Centered on serving as a second home of sorts for veteran clubbers and newbies, Shelter Amsterdam could add a distinct flavor to your clubbing exploits in Amsterdam. The place continually focuses on sound quality and design, and is located at the south end of Amsterdam-Noord.

Warehouse Elementenstraat

Tucked into the industrial West region of the city of canals, you would find a dark street home to a highly influential party spot in the neighborhood. This is where you find the Netherlands: The Warehouse Elementenstraat, which at the start of the 90’s housed some of the initial bigger-scale houses that used to be all the rage. They called these Multigrooves, and they were a highlight of the underground scene developing in the city.

No matter which of these places you pick, make sure to stay safe. Tourists need to carry ID and visa wherever they go, so make sure yours are tucked safely in a pocket, wallet, or purse. Carry cash, but not enough to invite mugging or snatching. Yes, that last is a possibility anywhere in the world, and will be until the end of time.

Other than that, focus on letting nothing ruin the great time you plan to have. Consult with your Amsterdam tour guide to know the times to hit these spots, wear deodorant, and do not binge on fries before heading out the hotel.