12 Famous Dutch Food Restaurants to Try in Amsterdam

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Trying the native food of a country is as important as touring the famous sightseeing spots. No matter where you go, there will be some native restaurants in the city, which specialize in the local foods of the region. If you are on your Amsterdam tours, try Dutch food in the following eateries for an authentic and amazing food experience of the city.


Moeders translated into English means ‘mothers’. As the name says, this restaurant offers you homely food, and you can get everything in traditional Dutch food here. You can choose from stammpots, a beef stew, poffertjes or maybe a homemade pie; you will get all kinds of famous Dutch food in Moeders.

Location: Rozengracht 251, Canal Ring


The Rijksmuseum restaurant, Rijks is an easy go as you will definitely tour the museum when in Amsterdam, but do look out for the crowd. This restaurant follows the principle of Slow Food that is an organization promoting regional cuisine by encouraging the use of local ingredients. Platters here highlight regional fish, meat, etc.

Location: Museumstraat 1, Oud-Zuid

Viscafé De Gouden Hoek

Amsterdam is famous for its enormous number of rivers and canals, and this indirectly implies the fact that fish is famous in the city. In fact, fish is a staple food for the Dutch. In this restaurant, you can taste the mouthwatering Kibbeling that is a traditional snack of deep-fried white fish. Additionally, try tempura and Sriracha-style fish and chips too.

Location: Van Limburg Stirumplein 10A, Westerpark

Stroop Pannenkoeken & Meer

Pancake lovers must definitely eat out at Stroop Pannenkoeken & Meer and try the available variants in savory as well as sweet flavors. You can also go for different toppings and thinly sliced sausages with your pancakes. If you are not such a pancake lover, you can try other food items like soups, sandwiches, or locally brewed beer.

Location: Meteorenweg 272, Noord

Piet De Leeuw

It is a 69-year-old steakhouse famous for its delicious steaks. Thick beefsteaks served along with red wine sauce and friet is a popular dish here. Apart from beef, horse steaks are also available here. If that sounds odd, you can opt for fish or pork too. Yet note that this restaurant does not serve any light food.

Location: Noorderstraat 11, City Center

Bistro Bij Ons

You can find typical Dutch food here. Enjoy your rassdonders, a dish of field peas, bacon, onions, and sip a glass of homemade liquor along. The menu here includes many dishes that are overlooked by many restaurants but worth a try. For the desserts, you can try wentelteefjes, their fried egg-dipped breads.

Location: Prinsengracht 287, Jordaan

Yoghurt Barn Amsterdam

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As the name tells, Yoghurt Barn is definitely all about yogurts. You can taste a wide variety of yogurts here like goat milk yogurt, frozen yogurt, boeren (farmer) yogurt, and soy yogurt. If you do not prefer eating it alone, go for a combination of special ingredients like “Popeye Power” that features spinach, apple juice, and mango. Else, you can top it with goji berry, chia seed, or flaxseed.

Location: Eerste Van der Helststraat 80, De Pijp


The menu in Joost changes seasonally. However, you are sure to get food made of fresh, native Dutch ingredients and in addition the Dutch-made wine and liquor. For dinner, you can try the quintessential Dutch food; smoked fish and weekly changing stamppots are often quite surprising elements.

Location: Vondelstraat 26, Oud-West

Worst Wijncafé

Do not misunderstand that this is the worst restaurant in the city. ‘Worst’ in Dutch means ‘sausage’; this restaurant is one of the best in Amsterdam, known for its sausages and wines. Blood sausage is the most famous one here, while chicken, pied de cochon, and wild boar sausage are other popular options.

Location: Barentszstraat171, 1013 NM Amsterdam

Broodjeszaak “t Kuyltje”

If you are in a hurry, head over to this quick eatery to taste a good Dutch-style sandwich. Go for a Halfom sandwich (half-liver, half-corned beef) or a Tartar special sandwich (minced raw beef, hard-boiled egg, and onion). You can also try other exemplary options here, such as classic stokje pastrami with cheese topping.

Location: Gasthuismolensteeg 5HS, 1016 AM Amsterdam

Holtkamp’s Patisserie B.V.

This is a pastry shop famous among the locals. If you are a sweet lover, you should definitely visit this place. It offers a great range of Dutch and French patisseries like chocolates, cakes, and biscuits. In addition to these tasty sweet treats, they are also famous for shrimp, veal, and cheese croquettes.

Location: Vijzelgracht 15, 1017 HM Amsterdam

Leeman Döner

If you would like to taste kebab when in the Dutch capital city, then go to Leeman Döner, the Turkish döner kebab shop in Amsterdam. The Kapsalon is known to be the most delicious Dutch version of fries piled with a layer of döner kebab and cheese, then grilled and topped with garlic, lettuce, and spicy sambal sauce.

Location: Van Woustraat 160, 1073 LW Amsterdam