3 Best Kept Secrets of Amsterdam City Revealed

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Amsterdam is replete with art galleries, world-class museums, and monumental places with a rich history to its backing and wide outreach in the city. Museums such as Van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum offer sightseers a chance to explore some of the treasured artworks in the Dutch capital. Apart from the main attractions, Amsterdam has best kept secrets, which may be less popular among foreign visitors, if not natives. Below are five attractions in the so-called ‘Venice of the North’ which you may want to visit anytime soon.

Amsterdam Submerged at NAP

You may have heard the city capital resides below the sea level when on private tours in Amsterdam, but only when you see the demonstration of the same, you will realize that. At the namesake Visitor Centre of Normaal Amsterdams Peil, you can come across glass tubes, which show the sea level in distinct regions of the city. Besides, NAP offers many exhibits that bring forth the past and future of the foundation using images and audio.

Homomonument Triangles at Westermarkt

Homomonument was launched in late 1980’s in memory of and support of oppressed homosexuals. The memorial in Westermarkt is combined into the surrounds so well that people often trespass it not even realizing its present there. Westermarkt features a triangle where all three sides are equal in terms of length.

One of the three pink triangles extends up to the canal and faces the Anne Frank House, another faces the wartime monument at Dam Square commemorative of discrimination of homosexuals during World War II. The third triangle faces COC Amsterdam an organization that advocates for the rights of LGBT community since 1946.

Underground Prison below Torensluis Bridge

Also known as the ‘Tower Lock’ bridge, this is one of Amsterdam’s oldest bridges since mid 17th Century, which spans close to 40 meters in terms of width. The bridge gets the vast width all thanks to the ‘Tower Lock’ that was there until it was erected in the 19th Century. Its remaining portions are visible even today on Torensluis’s pavements and at the underground prison.

If you choose to include Torensluis into your itinerary and explore the place during your tours in Amsterdam anytime soon, you will come across arched entry to the dungeon that is open to the public as of now.