3 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam before you Conclude your Trip

Amsterdam Bike Tour
Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world that never fails to amaze the visitors with its natural beauty and enchanting architectural structures. In addition, freedom of living in the city is something every citizen yearns for. In fact, Amsterdam is regarded as one of the most permissive cities in the world. Most of the things here are so tempting that you must do experience it rather than just see it. Note that the city offers an infinite number of attractions. Hence, it can be quite overwhelming for you to pick a few options, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time. In order to help you with this, below is a list of some mainstream attractions in the Dutch capital that you must enjoy before you die.

The Westertoren

The Westertoren, which is constructed in 1638, is the tallest and prettiest buildings in the central Amsterdam. The view of the city from the top of this 40-meter high building is really supreme. The main highlight of the Westertoren is that you can see the crown of the Hapsburg emperor at the top of the building and the church below houses the tombs of many people including the famous artist Rembrandt. So, climb up the stairs of this 40m structure and enjoy Amsterdam under your feet. Furthermore, you can explore the building only by means of a guided tour and only a team of 6 members is allowed to go up, every 30 minutes. So, make sure that you reach here early in order to reserve the opening slot.

Go Bungee Jumping

If you are more of an adventurous kind of person, the IJ at the Faralda Crane Hotel is the best spot for you. This hotel has made bungee jumping as one of their important attractions and you can satisfy the adrenaline junkie within you at this place. Unlike the conventional bungee jumping, you can go down in a feet-first manner here. In the former option, you will swing down with the headfirst way, and so, you will have to suffer a head-popping pressure as you go down. Prior to going down, you will get 30 minutes to dwell in the striking beauty of the Amsterdam city.

Take an Amsterdam Bike Tour

It is not possible that you come to Amsterdam and wrap up your trip without taking a bike tour. Note that Amsterdam bike tour is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Rent a bike and go to the Ouderkerkaan de Amstel, which is one of the best picturesque villages in the Netherlands. It will take barely 30 minutes to explore the village that boasts natural beauty at its best. In addition, there are some stylish restaurants here, which brilliantly made use of this enchanting setting of the village. Do not forget to stop by any of these restaurants and savor your favorite food.