5 Lesser Known Places To Visit In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam Tours

The City of Amsterdam has many places that are often missed by the numerous Amsterdam tours agencies in the city. Some of the places never end up in the brochures at the Schiphol Airport and you end up missing it altogether.

Well, we aren’t letting that happen. These places exuberate the vibe and openness of the vibrant city that Amsterdam is. You cannot miss these places out.

The Blijburg Beach

Beaches aren’t the first thing that pops in your mind when you think of a tour in Amsterdam. But it’s true- Blijburgis the best known urban beach in the city of Amsterdam. There are many shacks and bar/lounges in and around the beach that you can down your virgin mojitos from.

Pianola Museum

It is a 17th-century museum that is certainly unusual- it is a museum that houses automatic pianos and related objects. The museum has 30,000 music rolls that can be played on any of the instruments. If you have time to spare, then do not miss to visit this museum.

The Museum Of Torture

The sadistic readers who are fascinated by the medieval forms of torture will feel right at home in the Museum of torture. It holds exhibits of punishments and verdicts in the middle ages. The engraving in the museum shows close to 40 instruments of the barbaric and archaic form of torture that were used in various parts of Europe. This is certainly an unusual museum that can pique your interest and curiosity when you are in Amsterdam.

A’dam Lookout

If you want a panoramic view of Amsterdam, then visiting the observation deck of the A’dam Lookout is a must. It is a 360-degree sky deck that lets you see the end to end of Amsterdam. The deck has restaurants and Rooftop bars so that visitors can soak in the view while enjoying a refreshing beverage. Ahh, living the good life!

Electric Ladyland

This is the first of a museum that has a florescent art that houses a florescent environment where visitors can come in and experience ‘participatory art’. This is where the visitors become part of the art in their guided tour.

The museum has fluorescent minerals that burst in varied colors when it is exposed to lights of different wavelengths.

Keep these places on your bucket list and you are sure to enjoy Amsterdam, a bit more.