A Hippy Traveler’s Guide to Sightseeing Amsterdam

Amsterdam Bike Tour
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Are you an unconventional traveler who loves to explore the world in a unique way? Of course, there will be a dizzying number of destinations on your bucket list. Amsterdam is likely to be on one of the top positions on the list of most people. After all, the Dutch Capital is known for its enchanting natural beauty and liberal lifestyle. Some people, on the other hand, may avoid visiting Amsterdam since they have a misconception that the city is all about booze, sex, and drugs.

If you are also thinking the same, brace yourselves for a real surprise. Note that there is so much more than you think to this European Capital and every wanderlust person is going to love it. If you have an Amsterdam tour on the horizon and love to travel around the city in an unusual and cool way, consider the amazing tips given below.

Rent a bike

This might seem a bit obvious in a city which is known for its sinful pleasures and popular bike culture. Still, the best way to get around the city is on a couple of wheels as the locals do. Furthermore, most of the streets in the city is narrower and cannot be ventured on trams, cars, or buses. The same thing applies to some of the ancient bridges here as well.

On top of that, it will be way challenging for you to find parking lots in Amsterdam. Note that the limited paid parking for four-wheelers will be a bit expensive and hence, will not be a great choice for all the economic travelers out there. However, the tourists are requested to be a bit careful when traveling on their two-wheelers since bike lanes will be relatively more crowded.

Visit De Pijp

When it comes to the popular neighborhoods of Amsterdam, De pijp is one of the top options. This region was the former working-class area of the city and has seen its share of gentrification and renovation over the years. This is to accommodate all the attractions that a visitor would look for in the neighborhood. Currently, you can find an array of underground bars, outstanding cafes, and a fair share of street arts.

One of the main attractions in the locality is the Albert Cuypmarket. Note that this food market is known for the eclectic range of shops and street food it offers. You can also find some stalls that sell quirky clothing and accessories here. This market will be open from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm every day except on Sundays. To have a bit of fun at night, head on to the Gollen bar nearby that sells the local brews.

Visit the red light district

The Red light district is one of the infamous stretches on the map of Amsterdam. This area is popular for prostitution and many other nightlife activities. However, you can explore this area even if you are looking for some non-sexual activities. You are likely to be amazed to see some of the best architecture in the city at this place.

Plus, there is an ancient church, coffee shops, record stores, a sex museum, and many other attractions that make this area different from what most people think. Unsurprisingly, you can find a range of nightclubs and bars here.