A List of the Most Spectacular Constructions in the Dutch Capital

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Amsterdam is undoubtedly known for its spectacular beauty that is sure to attract each and every visitor. Small wonder that the number of visitors flocking to the Dutch capital is skyrocketing with every passing year. When it comes to the captivating appeal of Amsterdam, one of the main factors that contribute to this is the outstanding architectural wonders in the city. Ranging from the exuberant civic structures that reflect the beauty of the golden era to stylish and modern masterpieces by several globally renowned architects, Amsterdam is a hotbed of aesthetic architectural gems. Some of the extremely popular and captivating constructions that you may pay a visit on your Amsterdam tours are listed below.

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

This is one of the most spectacular buildings in the Netherlands. Even though the castle is named as the Palace of Dam Square, the beautiful mammoth construction was not formerly owned by the Dutch royalties. Rather, it was constructed in the 17th century as a city hall in order to represent the height of the Dutch Golden Age. The construction symbolized the international influence of the city, a stunning view of the Greek and Roman architecture, an outstanding painting collection, etc. On a related note, Amsterdam was one of the most powerful cities in the world during the 17th century. Two of the most popular interior painting series exhibited in the Amsterdam Royal Palace include Going for a Walk in the Amsterdam Town Hall and The Council of Chamber in Amsterdam Town Hall.

EYE Film museum

While the former was a solid piece of classic architecture, this is a striking example of contemporary architecture. The EYE Film museum that is located at the northern side of Amsterdam central station is a dramatic piece of beauty that cannot be missed out. The main highlights of the construction are the slopping silhouette of the building and the way it juts out over the harbor. This monolithic shell offers some of the breathtaking views of the city and houses a number of state-of-art cinemas. In fact, this is the largest film archive in the Netherlands. When it comes to the entrance fee, it is free of cost to contemplate on the permanent collections here. However, you will have to pay a certain fee for most other exhibitions.

Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam

The Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam, also known as Scheepvaarthuis can be defined as the representation of the architectural talents in the Dutch Capital. Currently, this is a five-star hotel that embodies an impressive and dynamic style. Without any doubts, the imposing turrets, spires, and the complex metal works add to its overall beauty and style. This centuries-old building was actually a shipping house that was used to accommodate the shipping companies that were involved in maritime associations and global trade. This is evident from the design of the construction that flaunts intricate carvings and the relief structures at the exterior.