A Look at the Lesser-Known Secrets of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has wide varieties of interesting locations from waterways to coffee shops across its confines. It also has an elaborate history behind it. However, there are more things in Amsterdam than meets the eye. Behind the usual scenes of Amsterdam are innumerable secrets tucked away in its streets. You can easily visit these places and this is guaranteed to be a worthwhile effort. Below are some of the most unknown locations and secrets that you can visit on your tours in Amsterdam.

The Old Church is a Graveyard

The Red Light District’s Oude Church is not what it looks like from the outside. Today, you can find numerous art lovers and music lovers here than true devotees. If you look carefully, you will find intricate carvings on the floor. This is a representation of 2,500 gravestones, which contain about 10,000 bodies buried inside the ground.

Free Classical and Jazz Concerts

The Royal Concertgebouw in Museumplein hosts lunchtime concerts every Wednesday. In addition, the Muziektheater in Waterlooplein also offers free concerts every Tuesday at 12:30 pm in the foyer. Apart from these, Bimhuis, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, and the Badcuyp also offer free concerts on various days. You have to keep checking online and then reach the venues on time.

Art Exhibitions in a Cold War Bunker

Vondelbunker is located in the foundation of the bridge crossing the top of the Vondelpark square. It has a post-WWII ambiance to it, which was later turned into a hippie hotspot. It is the home of Schijnheilig creative, which organizes art events and underground gigs here. All the events are usually free.

The Free Hallway of Art Next to the Amsterdam Museum

While you make your way into Schuttersgalerij through Kalverstraat, make an exit next to the Begijnhof. You can find Golden Age civic guard portraits, a view of the Dam Square before the major changes took place, a whopping portrait of Napoleon, and head-scratching modern spoofs of the civic guards. Statues of David and Goliath stand out among the rest. These are believed to have adorned a labyrinth that might have existed in the golden era.

The Vrankrijk Squat with a Public Bar in It

Right above the street of the teapot is the city’s oldest squats. These are locations where people live in abandoned settlements. The buildings here can be dated back to 1875 and the squats were formed in the 1980’s. During this time, it was a printing office, carpenter’s studio, and document-forging base for the resistance. There is a bar behind the Spuistraat, where you can grab a cheap beer and attend one of its queer nights.

Ice Skating on a Roof

The Ramada Apollo Hotel in Rembrandtpark has a secret location on floor 17. There are a big terrace and a wine bar on the same floor. The terrace has been turned into a skating rink. The place is called “Zell am Rembrandt” and has been equipped with mulled wine, plenty of terrace heaters, and hot chocolate as well. Enjoy the night by trying a round of ice skating on the skyline of Amsterdam.

The Teapot Museum Concealed above a Bakery

The narrow Ramsteeg has the famous café Gollem and across this place is the pastry bakery, Traiterie Chef. The lesser-known place is located right above this building. It is a teapot museum, which offers you high tea. Afterward, you can go for a Belgian beer across the street.

Hidden Tunnel under the Bar Papeneiland

Papists’ Island is one of the city’s oldest cafes, dating back to the days when Catholicism was illegal. Back then, the city’s Catholics used to worship in hidden and secret churches. One of these churches, Posthoornkerk, is right across this place. There is a secret tunnel from the church to the basement of the café. Enter the place and ask a bartender to show you the entrance to this tunnel.

A Farm behind the Westerpark

Behind the Westerpark, there is an old train track that has been converted to chicken coops, sheep pastures, and a fresh restaurant. The place occasionally hosts record-spinning sessions, live music festivals, and food festivals as well. Once in a while, there are also weggeefwinkel (“giveaway store”) where you get to buy second-hand items brought in by other people. They sell it for extremely low prices.

The Disco Taxi in the City

There are disco taxis on the prowl in the city and you can get into one of these by chance. The vibe inside one of these is something you have to experience. With the karaoke and highly entertaining ambiance, you will enjoy the ride like never before.