Amazing Facts about Amsterdam Canals

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Amsterdam Canal Facts

Amsterdam is a city known for its canals. The beauty of the canals draws many tourists to the city. However, there are certain facts about the canals that are not known to many people. Here are some of the amazing facts about the canals of Amsterdam you must know while you are on your tours in Amsterdam.

The Canal System is around 100 Kilometers Long

Though the city appears to be small, one may easily get lost in the city because the city parts wind around the canal belts. The canal belts determine the size of the areas surrounding it. The waterways as a whole take up a distance of 100 kilometers. This is undoubted, the largest canal construction that is done so far in the world.

The Inner Canal Ring is a Unesco Heritage Site

It was in the year 2010 that the UNESCO recognized the inner canal ring of Amsterdam city as a heritage site and henceforth it is under the protection of the organization. The canal ring is found around the Dam Square, and it passes through the inside of the half circle made by the Prinsengracht canal. International laws are binding on the heritage site in an attempt to protect and preserve the cultural and historical importance of the site.

The inside of the Canal Ring Houses More than 1000 Monuments

Many of the important buildings and monuments in the city are situated inside the canal ring. Though very old, these monuments still stay as the living testimonies of the rich culture of the city in the past. Some important landmarks such as the Westerkerk Museum and Anne Frank Huis are situated inside of the inner canal ring. Other than this, there are hundreds of beautiful townhouses on the banks of the canals. Most of them date back to the 17th century.

Canals are Still Important and Used in Amsterdam

The use of canals is still vital in the Amsterdam local life. It is still one of the main modes of transport and on the other hand, there are several events hosted on the canals. Some examples are the parade during Pride and the de Grachtenfestival.

The Canals Were Polluted before the 20th Century

Earlier the canals in Amsterdam had stinking smell because of the garbage inside them. People used to throw wastes into the canals. However, the Dutch government took necessary actions to prevent this and to clean the canals. At present, the canals are clean and there is an annual swimming competition held in the canals.

It is good to explore the history of the canals to have a wonderful time on your canal tours in Amsterdam.