Beautiful Towns Built over the Canals in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Canal Tour
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam is a city that has an elaborate network of canals, which form some of the most unique and picturesque locations in the world. Below are some of the towns built on the canals around Amsterdam that you must visit when touring the Dutch capital city.


Utrecht is the religious center of Holland and the largest city in the country. You can easily navigate through the entire city by renting a bike. The city center and its Gothic Dom church are the prime attractions of Utrecht, but there are many more places in the city too that are worth a visit, such as the cloister garden, the 112-meter tall Domtoren, and the fish market.


Haarlem is not only the capital of North Holland but also a city with a rich history that tracks back to the medieval times. There is a touch of art in every corner of the city. This is mainly because many artists and craftsmen migrated to Haarlem. The place is also good for admirers of culture as the city hopuse many interesting museums such as the Frans Hals Museum and the Teylers Museum.


Leiden is a town located in the Southern Holland and is a perfect destination to visit on your Amsterdam canal tour. You can enjoy the canal boat ride on the Old Rhine as you visit the city. Leiden is also Rembrandt’s birthplace and one of the most important museum towns in the Netherlands. So you cannot afford to miss the cultural experience of walking through its streets on your Amsterdam tours.


This is one of the small picturesque towns in South Holland, which still preserves the history of the medieval times. It is best to simply soak in the beauty of the place with its share of beautiful canals, silent walkways, Nieuwe Kerk, the tomb of William of Orange, and Oude Kerk. The city is also home to the Stedelijk Museum Het Prinsenof that houses impressive Dutch arts. Furthermore, there is also the Vermeer Trail, which has been named after the famous painter.

The Hague

The Hague is the residence of the Queen and houses the UN International Court of Justice headquarters. Besides the urban city center, you can take a walking tour to soak in the elegance of the city landscapes or rent a bike and ride past to Scheveningen. There is a lot to do in The Hague, from strolling through the mesmerizing parks to sunbathing in the sandy beaches of Scheveningen, which means people of all ages can find something or the other to do here.