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There are several things special about Amsterdam including the self-portraits by Van Gogh and Golden Age art. There are several new art forms blossoming such as photography and pop art. There are museums where the art forms are well preserved. You can admire these and much more in the several museums spread out across the city. Below is a discussion on some of the top Museums that you can visit on your Amsterdam tours


Interesting photographs are plastered across the walls of this small canal house which is also a museum. It has several activities running such as photography collecting courses, a graduate lab that provides for the collections of Foam, an in-house magazine. The museum conducts up to four exhibitions at once.


This museum was reopened after a decade in 2013. It went through a $441-million reconstruction. It is the largest among the “big three” museums. The museum consists of several of the Golden Age paintings and has more than 8,000 displayed along its walls. Various items like Asian art, Model ships, and rich costumes are included in the chronologically arranged items of the museum. This includes items between the Middle Ages and Mondrian. The museum also has an application which offers 14 themed tours. If you plan to visit the place, you can download them for free from the Apple Store.

Anne Frank House

This 17th-century canal house is well preserved and you can visit the place through a reservation. The tickets can be obtained exactly 2 months before the day of the visit and on the day itself. This museum is totally worth the effort it takes to get past the crowd. The attic where Anne Frank’s family stayed during the Nazi era and the place where young Anne Frank wrote her world famous diary regarding the hardships they faced during that period. It takes about one hour to complete a visit around the house

Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage museum opened in 2009 and is one of the best museums in Amsterdam. This museum has no permanent exhibits but borrows its exhibits from St.Petersburg State Hermitage Museum which is its parent museum. It mainly covers Flemish art and sometimes includes Romanov history. The gift shop also makes for an interesting stop in the museum.

Amsterdam has a number of museums that offer a diverse range of exhibits. You can visit some of the above museums while you are on Amsterdam Tours.