Best Outdoor Activities in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam is a land of history and culture. Every corner of the city and every brick that is used to build the city have their own story to tell the world. it is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations not only because it is rich in culture but also because of the varied landscapes. Amsterdam is filled with beautiful monuments and buildings, along with beautiful greenery and plentiful waterways, which makes it the best spot for outdoor tourism. The following are the most common activities which a person can do during their Amsterdam tours.

Cycle through the City

Cycling is not a sport for most of the people in Amsterdam, but it the primary mode of transportation in the city. There is a saying that there are more cycles than people in Amsterdam because, the streets of the city are crowded by more cyclists than pedestrians. Cycling is also the best method to explore the city for any person because it will give them flexibility in choosing the location. Some of the people enjoy cycling more than that as a mode of transport. such people will explore the flower strip located in the south of the city and also the northern historic places such as Marken and Volendam.

The Kayak Journey

Canal trips are one of the best attractions for tours in Amsterdam. Since most of the parts of this city are connected by canals, any person can use the kayak as a mode of transport to reach different locations of the city. There are options for the tourists to explore freely on a kayak or to engage in a guided kayak journey. Since the city canals are crowded most of the time, people also choose the urban oasis called AsterdamseBos for a peaceful trip through the waterways. There are also several waterways passing through the forest covered areas of Amsterdam and also places where people can engage in kayak competitions.

Skating on the Ice

If a person is planning to visit Amsterdam during winter, they may not be able to enjoy the kayaking trips through the city canals, but such person will be able to enjoy an adventurous ice skating over the waterways. Since the waterbodies of Amsterdam will get frozen during the winter season, the inmates and also the tourists will get a chance to skate over the water bodies. Not only during winter, but ice skating is also possible in many parts of the city for the whole year. Even though there are several artificial and natural skating platforms are there within the city, skating over the city canal during the winter is one of the most adventurous and thrilling outdoor activities during a visit to Amsterdam.

The Friday Skating

No superbike can match the feeling that a person will get from a roller skating. Gliding over the ground against the pushing wind is one of the most thrilling moments of a person’s life. In Amsterdam, there is a common tradition among the roller skaters to assemble in the city and skate together in a rally. It is called Friday night skating. They will cover about 20 km through the heart of the city. The tourists visiting the city who can skate are also invited for the Friday night skating along with the residents of that place.

The Fun Forest

A tour is not only about watching the aesthetic beauty of the city but also about exploring the nature. A visit to Amsterdam will enable a person to explore through the lush green forest freely. The fun forest is located in the northern region of Amsterdam and it is filled with tall trees and provide the visitors a safe place to see the nature close. To add more to the adventure, there are many ropes and ladders fixed on the trees to give the tourists a chance to climb and to have an aerial view of the place. The forest is nearby to a water body, which enables the people to enjoy water sports along with the forest fun.

The Water Sports

If a person has no interest in exploring the city and watching the monuments and artifacts, no interest in engaging in all the fun activities in the city, then the best place for such people to visit is the beach. True adventure seekers cannot get excited by small fun and travel, what they will need is a thrilling activity that can pump their adrenaline to the head. The beaches of Amsterdam are famous for the numerous watersports it offers such as skiing, surfing, etc.    

Not only the sports and activities mentioned above, but there also are several other ways to explore the city of Amsterdam. Hiring a boat to see the night of the city and riding a horse through the countryside are some of the best activities that can make the Amsterdam tour memorable.