Best Places in Amsterdam to Indulge in People Watching

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Amsterdam with its crowded streets, canal banks, and attractions has become the perfect place to indulge in people watching. The multicultural background of the city and its vibrant culture is something not to be missed during Amsterdam tours. You could sit at its numerous cafés and gaze out into the streets, simply observing people and their behaviors. Alternatively, you could go into the open, such as to its famed public parks, and see the happenings and people from different cultures and regions roaming in the area.

By indulging in people watching, you are actually learning a lot, and that too, in a lively place like Amsterdam. In fact, there are numerous other places where you could comfortably sit or take a stroll while observing people and their activities. Listed below are some of the best places in Amsterdam where you can engage in people watching.

Dam Square

There is no other place in Amsterdam like Dam Square to begin with people watching in the first place. The area remains crowded most of the time and you can see people from different lands, cultures, religions, and ethnicities, all converged here. You can quietly take a seat in the neighboring restaurants and observe people swarming around at Dam Square. The steps under the statue are also a great place to sit and enjoy the sights at Dam Square and its crowds.


Leidseplein is a busy and prominent square located in Central Amsterdam. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping centers at Leidseplein. The square is one of the busiest spots in the city and is the ideal place if you wish to engage in people watching. You can always find a convenient place to sit at a café and simply observe the commotion going in front of you. The endless bustle of Leidseplein such as the crowds and street performances are always a feast to the eyes.


Vondelpark is the other spot where you can indulge in people watching under the auspices of its natural beauty. Visitors and natives flock to the Vondelpark in large numbers and would spend a great deal of time there picnicking or simply relaxing. You can find a quiet corner under a tree or near any bushes and spend hours watching the crowd. It is also great to carry out your people watching exercise by taking a light stroll through the manicured lawns of the park.