Best Souvenirs to Take Home from Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a city that has several unique cultural nuances. It takes a long journey through the Dutch capital to figure some of them out. Nonetheless, a tour Amsterdam would be the best thing you can plan for the holidays. Below are some of the best souvenirs you can get for your family when you return after your tours in Amsterdam.

Custom Clogs

The usual picture that comes to people’s mind about Amsterdam is that of windmills and wooden shoes. So bringing home a clog would in fact be a great idea. Head to De Klompenboer, an outlet located next to the former metro station to shop some; it has all textures and designs of clogs you can think of. Besides, you can also find a clog painting display here on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Furthermore, you can also make a request to get your name printed on the wooden clogs.

Dutch Licorice

With the highest licorice consumption in the world, the Dutch have a special interest in candies. You can find a variety of styles in the local shops here including honey, salty, Sweet, hard as well as minty. Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje is a vintage style shop that sells candies. You can find distinct triangular bags with a variety of candies you choose from the large glass jars arranged along the walls. Another great place to find licorice would be Jamin candy shop, which have branches all across Amsterdam.

Puccini Chocolate Bonbons

Widely accepted as the best chocolate in the world, local Amsterdam chocolatiers make handmade bonbons. These delights are available in flavors like Drambuie, vanilla poppyseed, lavender, plum, and pepper. You can experience the chocolate aroma as you enter the shop.

Note that these bonbons are handmade without adding any preservatives. So they stay fresh only for 7 days; therefore buy them right before you leave. You can pack these in one of the characteristic cellophane bags or gift-wrapped in a purple box. Your kids will be awe-struck by the sheer allure of these tiny sweet balls.

Nijntje Knuffel

This is a cartoon rabbit character from the 1950’s children’s book by Dick Bruna, very popular among kids. So this would be an ideal gift for toddlers at home. Nijntje knuffel or “stuffed animal” means “hug” in Dutch. Buy a comic book of Nijntje’s adventures along with a stuffed toy for a perfect combination for your child. On account of their popularity, they can be found in a variety of shapes and costumes.

Guillotine Cheese Slicer

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One of the specialties you have to taste while in the Netherlands is the Dutch Gouda cheese. This is made out of cow’s milk and is a popular cheese variant worldwide. Varieties of this cheese include “Belegen” (aged) and “Jong” (young). The young variant is creamier while the aged one has a sharp flavor and is harder.

You can get excellent quality cheese at Wyngaard. Their family has several generations of experience in the cheese trade. Their shop offers several options like sampling the cheese or participating in a tasting course. As for the souvenir, you can pick up unique slicers that resemble guillotines. These cutters work with different varieties of cheese, and they would make an ideal gift for cheese lovers.

Cowboys Belt

Cowboys belt is a Dutch fashion brand established in 1980. They began as a creator of excellent quality belts for both men and women. Eventually, they have become the leading brand in the manufacturer of jackets and handbags. They symbolize a unique personality for all their products.

Many of these belts are made of leather by agitation inside a mixer, some are adorned with grommets and attractive metal studs too. These would make for an ideal gift for someone who follows international fashion, especially because these are unique to Amsterdam.

Dutch Genever

The Dutch Genever is famous as the liquor traditional to the Netherlands. In fact, gin evolved from Genever. The liquor is similar in taste to whiskey and is good for mixing with cocktails. They act as an ingredient in many famous cocktails too.

A bottle of Genever would be a great gift back home. They are available across the Netherlands, but you might want to visit Bols for the best deals. They are the most prominent manufacturers, brewing since 1585. House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience offers a wide range of flavors, which cannot be found anywhere else on your Amsterdam tours.

Van Gogh Memory Game

When you visit Amsterdam, you cannot miss experiencing the tales of the famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh. He has left a long legacy of brilliant artworks in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum acknowledges this, and they have come forth with an educational memory game, which comprises his paintings as well as sketches. This would be a great gift for students as well as art lovers, so make sure you get your piece before you conclude your tours in Amsterdam.