Bike Through This Fantasyland

Amsterdam Bike Tour
Amsterdam Bike Tour

We often hear people fantasizing about touring their favorite destinations on bikes. Amsterdam is one such destination that tops their list of preferred tourist locations. If you didn’t know it earlier, Amsterdam is also famed as the bike-friendly Dutch capital. Therefore, the Amsterdam bike tour is a must-do while visiting this fantasyland.

Over the past six decades, the planners, designers, and leaders of this city have carefully planned and incorporated an extremely successful bike-dominant transportation facility. A majority of the native folks, as well as tourists, prefer biking to the city’s hot attractions and sites. Why do you think this city is best for biking? Read along to find out.

Bike Streets

In almost all the major cities, the network about bicycle lanes and tracks is meager in comparison with the entire street network. This is not the case when we talk about Amsterdam. The street network map itself is a bike network map. You will hardly find a street that doesn’t have bike tracks. The most extraordinary thing about this city is that you will require a customized car map to commute through the city as several streets have no car access or limited access.

Separate Cycle Track

At present, the on-street bicycle lanes have reduced in number. On the high-speed streets, separately elevated bicycle tracks have been made. It offers a stress-free experience in addition to safety to the bikers. Tourists would agree with me when I say that tours in Amsterdam are at a whole new level after this development has been made.

Go Car-Free

Although it is early to consider traveling car-free as the latest trend, it is surely the best way to travel. The one city that has realized this fact and has acted upon it is Amsterdam. The planners are rigorously working to convert their streets into bike-friendly streets. And, so far, their efforts have paid off well.


The planners have carefully designed the intersections so that the travelers are entirely stress-free; after all, who wishes to deal with stressful traffic while vacationing in Amsterdam? Except in Amsterdam, the streets have a complex structure and design. However, in the case of this Dutch capital, the bikers are given prime importance while designing the structure for the streets.

I am certain that you will be accustomed to the idea about touring the Dutch capital on the bike, once you have experienced it. You will surely want to try this out in other tourist destinations as well, but of course, they have to be bike-friendly.