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Amsterdam Canal Tour
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam’s history is intimately connected with water. The city began its life as a village which concentrated on fishing in the 12th century. But during the Dutch Golden Age of 17th century, the planners of the city had built a series of canals to expand the city. So today, you cannot imagine Amsterdam without houseboats, canals and canal cruises as canals are such a historical treasures of the city.

There are a variety of houseboats you should be trying while you are on your Amsterdam canal tours. Below are some of the popular boat cruise tours chosen by most tourists.

City Canal Cruise Tour – This 75-minute cruise tour includes plenty of facts and is a relaxing and fun way to Amsterdam’s historic center, Golden Bend, the skinny bridge churches that are famous, quaint canals and more.

Hop-on/Hop-off Cruise – You can explore Amsterdam’s picturesque canals with a 24-hour ticket at your own pace in this cruise. This is a cruise that takes you through Amsterdam’s Canal Belt; jump off at any of the stops to see sights such as the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House.

Course Live Cooking Dinner Canal Cruise– You will be able to cruise the canals of the Canal Belt as you dine on a delicious 4-course meal that includes vegetarian options. This offers you to experience the city as it become alive at night.

Party Cruise – You can climb aboard an open-top boat and cruise the Amsterdam canals on this exclusive private party cruise.

Amsterdam bridges 

Since most bridges in Amsterdam are built at a low height, only small boats can pass through most bridges. Therefore, taller vessels have to use larger waterways where the bridges can open to let the ships pass through it.

Crooke Houses

These are tall and skinny houses that look nice and neat from the sidewalk while on your cruise.


Many canals that you will be passing during the canal cruise will have houseboats on their banks. These houseboats have been around for more than a century, most of which are residential homes. Some of the houseboats have been converted to hotels, short-term rentals and even to houseboat museums. The city has around 2500 houseboats now.