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The life and works of Vincent Van Gogh have been an inspiration for art lovers all around the world. This prominent Dutch artist produced a tremendous body of works that left lasting impressions all over the world. Though he attained little recognition during his lifetime, it is after his death in 1890 that many of his works gained widespread attention. The life, and most importantly, the works of this celebrated post-impressionist painter are cherished in the Van Gogh Museum located at the Museum Square in Amsterdam.

The Van Gogh Museum is a popular attraction drawing countless visitors on Amsterdam tours. The museum is known for being the largest collection of paintings created by Vincent Van Gogh during his ten-year career. Besides, the Van Gogh Museum’s reputation has spread afar making it one of the most important and popular museums in Europe. With a record turnover of 1.6 million visitors each year, the Van Gogh Museum is definitely worthy of a visit during Amsterdam tours. Its monumental collections of the works of the celebrated artist will certainly delight any patrons of art.

Visiting the Van Gogh Museum is in itself a unique experience. For someone deeply acquainted with the life and works of Van Gogh, the many original works displayed here will offer an immersive experience, as it invites on a journey across the world as seen through Van Gogh’s perspective. Besides, this museum also displays numerous other prominent works of artists from the post-impressionist movement.

The Museum Architecture

As distinctive as the works of Van Gogh is the architecture of the museum. Built with the modernist style of architecture with lots of wide-open spaces, the museum at first glance resembles a contemporary art gallery. In fact, the Van Gogh Museum consists of two buildings with the main one designed by the Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld. Known as the Rietveld building, this space houses the huge collection of artworks. It has four stories with a curved glass façade covering the sides.

The exhibits are arranged in such a way that it guides the visitors across the works in a chronological order. An introductory art exhibition is arranged in the ground floor and it contains a café and shop. It is from the first floor that the actual exhibition of Van Gogh’s paintings is displayed in their order. The second and third floors display information about the painting’s restoration process and the works of Van Gogh’s contemporaries.

The other major building is the Exhibition Wing designed by the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. With a mix of the elements of both eastern and western architecture, this building features an oval shape and is three stories high. Entry to the Exhibition Wing is through a uniquely designed passageway located under the museum.

Permanent Collections

The Van Gogh Museum is known for its incredible wealth of artworks created by Vincent Van Gogh. In the permanent collection are displayed 200 paintings of Van Gogh, which are owned by the museum. These paintings contain some of the most notable ones that Van Gogh is famous for such as Starry Night, Sunflowers, The Potato Eaters, etc. The body of work displayed is organized in chronological order based on the five prominent periods of the painter’s life.

Another notable addition of the permanent collection in the museum is 437 drawings and 31 prints made by Van Gogh. These are equally valuable and provide a glimpse into the methods used by Van Gogh in creating his impressionist masterpieces. In addition, the museum also houses some 800 letters written by the artist himself during his lifetime to fellow artists and his brother.

This letters shed a light on the life of Van Gogh and his relations that helps to understand him better. Moreover, the Van Gogh Museum also houses an extensive collection of works made by other prominent artists belonging to the post-impressionist movement and the post-impressionists. Art lovers visiting the museum will find these works helpful in knowing more about this influential movement that shaped art.

Opening Hours and Tickets

The Van Gogh Museum is open daily from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. On Fridays, the museum will remain open until 10:00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days, as the museum will be swarmed with crowds. Fridays are the best days to visit the Van Gogh Museum as it will remain open until late hours and feature many performances from musicians and DJs. There are different types of tickets that visitors can avail during their Amsterdam tours.

Some of the tickets available for purchase in advance are skip the line entrance tickets, Van Gogh Museum & Canal Cruise Combi, Van Gogh Museum + English Audio guide, and the Amsterdam City Pass. For adults, the ticket rates for entering the museum are €17. Entry is free for children aged below 18. Moreover, visitors can also opt for a multimedia tour of the museum for €5.

The Van Gogh Museum is located in Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter. Visitors can easily reach the museum through public transport such as by tram number 2 and 5 from the Central Station.