Why You Should Explore Amsterdam City From The Waterways

Private Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam
Private Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam

Exploring Amsterdam city by boat is a convenient and fun way to enjoy the Dutch capital’s sights while getting an insight into Holland’s history and culture. Keep reading for some reasons to explore the capital city from the Dutch canals.

Amsterdam Has A Ring Of Canals

Canals are a symbol of Amsterdam, plus its historical and cultural value. Amsterdam has 100 kilometers of waterways, and over one-fourth of the surface area of the capital city is covered by the water. Canals are the lifeblood of Amsterdam. It is a city made on water and best seen from canals. To explore this city from these waterways is to explore the static (land) from the moving (canals). For this experience, you should consider taking a private boat tour Amsterdam as well.

Sightseeing By Canal Boat Is Awesome

Traveling around any capital city by traffic-heavy streets and busy underground Metros can sometimes make sightseeing less fun. No one would want to be in underground stations all day. In Amsterdam city, the trip from one place to the next can alone be a tourist attraction. See the highlights of Amsterdam from the waterways as you move along the sites with UNESCO’s World Heritage status. Pick a hop-on-hop-off private canal boat tour Amsterdam if the weather is good enough for this adventure.

For Being A City Expert

It is more fun to tour the Dutch canals when you are aware of the sights you look at. This is why you should choose a tour guide for the trip. Whether you choose an audio guide or a private tour guide, thus, you will learn many things regarding the sights you come across. The details will include some interesting facts regarding the Dutch capital’s culture and history.

For A Quick Look At Life On Amsterdam’s Canals

The natives rarely close their curtains, so it would be hard to resist for you to peer into their perfectly styled interiors when exploring Amsterdam. So you could just get an insight into how people live on Dutch houseboats when sailing by on your canal boat. The Dutch people are usually friendly, so give them a wave when passing by them. Never stare at them as it is rude to do so in the cap city.

To See Amsterdam’s Main Attractions In One Day

Almost every major attraction in Amsterdam is along the water, so you will be able to see it all from the comforts of a Dutch canal boat. Get a boat service provider who offers stops outside the main museums and other places like the Heineken Experience and Hermitage Amsterdam. When you leave one museum after seeing its Golden Age period works, you might appreciate the beauty of this city better.