Five of the Best Boat Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Tour
Boat Tours In Amsterdam

There about 165 canals in Amsterdam that were created in the seventeenth century to stimulate trade relations and to improve the transportation system in the city. Now, this has even become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You should not miss out a canal cruise during your Amsterdam tours; given below are some of the best boat tours to take in the city.

Day Canal Cruise

As the name may sound, this is not a whole day cruise, but rather a one-hour cruise. There are many cruise ships in the city, which offer the one-hour Amsterdam canal tour. Through this cruise, you can see many key sites of the city. Some ships also have an audio system that transmits commentary in about sixteen different languages.

Candlelight Dinner Cruise

Feel the magic of air while you step into a beautiful wooden boat that dates back to 1898. Each boat can accommodate up to 20 passengers and it is the best choice you can opt without booking a private boat. Though you will not have narration like most canal tours, here the captain points out all the highlights along the way.

Rijksmuseum Canal Cruise

Rijksmuseum canal cruise is the best boat tour for all the art and history lovers. This boat cruise takes you through the locations that inspired the art collections in the Rijksmuseum. You can even see Rembrandts’ home and the place he painted “The Nightwatch” and many more. The boats also have an audio system that gives commentary in Dutch and English.

Amsterdam Canal Bus

The Amsterdam canal bus is an ideal choice for visitors to explore the city. The canal bus travels through the canals of Amsterdam and stops at key spots like the Albert Cuyp and Rembrandt Square. The canal bus has 3 lines and 16 stops and hence it is a great way to see most of the city. The central audio guide system gives commentary so that you can understand the city better.

Pannenkoekenboot’s 75-minute cruise

Pannenkoekenboot in English means ‘Pancake boat’. This Amsterdam canal tour will be such a good one to admire the beautiful landscape of IJ River and to get a different perspective of the Dutch city. For children, it would be fun to taste many flavors of pancakes like plain, apple, or ham pancake, with different toppings to choose from.