Fun Facts about the Canal Ring of Amsterdam

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The breathtaking canals in Amsterdam spring into our mind along with the tulips, windmills, and wooden clogs when someone mentions the name, Holland. Taking a canal cruise through the Dutch capital will surely be in the bucket list of most travel enthusiast. Moreover, going on a canal cruise is one of the simplest ways to get familiar with Amsterdam and its natives.

Tourists who are visiting Amsterdam for the first time in their life are not aware that the concentric canal system in the city is one of the iconic landmarks in the entire world. In fact, millions of tourists from all over the world visit Amsterdam just to enjoy a canal cruise. The charming canals of Amsterdam that was built to fulfill civil function have played a crucial role in the history of the city. Some of the lesser known and fun facts about Amsterdam’s Canals are as follows.

UNESCO Heritage Site

The inner canal ring of the Dutch capital was officially recognized as a heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Just like all other UNESCO heritage sites, the inner canals of Amsterdam are also properly maintained as per international laws to preserve their cultural and historical significance. This iconic site trails around Amsterdam’ Dam Square and runs inside a semi-circle that was created by the Prinsengracht canal.

A Crucial Part of the City

Even though most of the canals in Amsterdam are more than 400 years old, they still continue to play a significant role in the city life of the Dutch capital. For instance, the canals are one of the main transport modes in the city. In fact, most of the major attractions in the city are located near the canals. In addition to that, Amsterdam’s canals often host plenty of events throughout the year such as de Grachtenfestival and the Pride parade.

Historical Sites

The canals in Amsterdam contain a number of historical sites and other iconic attractions due to their centrality and age. In fact, more than 1550 monuments are currently located inside the borders of some of these canals. Some of the most visited and famous museums and landmarks in the city including the Museum van Loon, Anne Frank Huis, and Westerkerk are all located inside the canal ring of Amsterdam.