Great Spaces to Work in Amsterdam

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If you are someone looking to work on the go, even when touring a foreign country, then Amsterdam would be perfect for you. There are plenty of cafés here, which have the right ambiance for you to sit down and work. Several of these places offer good Wi-Fi network connectivity and a quiet atmosphere that is ideal for working. Below are some of the best spots in the city where you can finish up all your work before heading on an Amsterdam canal tour.


Hutspot is a concept store located in the Van Woustraat area in Amsterdam. The place has an essential creative vibe and serves some delicious food as well. Their specialties include granola with fruit breakfast, and their coffee is a popular choice among visitors. Besides, the place is very calm and you do not have to worry about unwelcoming stares while you are working on your laptop here. You can just get the Wi-Fi code and start working straight away. Nobody would bother you even if you work for the entire day.

Ct Coffee & Coconuts

Ct Coffee & Coconuts is one of the best work spots in Amsterdam. The place nurtures creativity and helps you indulge in your work with good focus. This is because of the spacious room and the sensible choice of lighting here, which inspires productivity. There also serve good coffee and fresh coco juice; you must try those while you are working.

The Student Hotel

The Student Hotel used to be a club, but was transformed recently. They have excellent workstations with nicely arranged lounge chairs. They also serve great coffee. If you want a break from your work, you can head to their rooftop and enjoy the view of the city. There is also a table tennis area, which you can use to keep yourself entertained before getting back to work.


If you are looking for a perfect place to sit down and work in the De Pijp region, you have come to the right place. Stroom provides just the kind of ambiance you are looking for. Their Wi-Fi is very impressive, which means that you can open your laptop and carry on with your work straight away. Do not forget to spend some time here on your Amsterdam tours.

Coffee & Juices

Another great workspace in the west of the city is the Coffee & Juices café. You can sit down comfortably in one of the window seats and wooden tables and order fresh juice or coffee before starting with your work. They also offer delicious and healthy sandwiches here, which you can have for lunch. Make sure you visit this place if you plan to spend a day working before embarking on an Amsterdam canal tour.


This place has a very cozy workspace, which makes you feel at home when you work. They offer great snacks to keep you refreshed and there are many options for you to sit down with your laptop or notebook here. Another interesting thing about the place is that is has a bar attached to it.

White Label Coffee

When you speak of nice workspaces in Amsterdam, you cannot miss White Label Coffee in De Baarsjes. You can sit in the front where you can enjoy some people watching too while working on your projects. Otherwise, you can choose to sit at the back where it is very calm; that is better for people who want to get their work done in silence.


In case you are looking for a place with bright lights and natural colors, then this is the right place for you. You can work away at your own pace here and feel completely at ease. There are also places like the park nearby where you can take a stroll to refresh yourself or relish the tasty sandwiches at the café. The eggs and avocado they serve here are especially popular.


Although the place is slightly noisy, it is a nice place to sit and work. They provide free Wi-Fi and there is a long table to sit at with other people sharing the same vibe. The place is located in the middle of the city, so it is convenient to meet up with your acquaintances here as well.


This is yet another interesting co-working space located in the Volkshotel in Amsterdam East. The place offers free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating arrangement. In case you need a bit of privacy or if you have a meeting, the place also has a few work cabins. Besides, if you want to have a drink during your lunch, you can walk across and reach the attached bar to find one. Overall, it is ideal for freelancers.

Meneer En Mevrouw Keus

This is one of the lesser-known places in Amsterdam, which provide excellent workspaces. The place has delicious food as well which makes you drool. Their specialty is organic food. Besides, you can also take an occasional coffee break by sitting on the scaffolding bench and fully enjoying the delicious beverages served here.