How to Spend Your Christmas Holidays In Amsterdam

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Christmas is approaching and most of you would be excited to celebrate this event. Unlike olden days, people love to celebrate Christmas by exploring foreign countries nowadays. In fact, Christmas is regarded as one of the best times to travel abroad. One of the perfect destinations that you may consider in this case is Amsterdam irrespective of whether you are traveling alone, with friends, partner, or with your family. Some of the perfect activities that you may indulge in during your Christmas holidays in Amsterdam are given below.

Consider an outstanding city walking tours

There will be hardly any person who does not know about the love of Dutch people for cycling. So, why don’t you explore the city like Amsterdammers on your Christmas holidays? The city will be spectacularly beautiful at this time and every single sight here is sure to give you a momentary paralysis. Just imagine the charisma of city decorated that is beautified with a countless number of fairy lights, stars, and other Christmas decorations.

On top of that, the picturesque canal belt adds to the overall fairytale appeal of the capital city of the Netherlands. It is recommended to start your Amsterdam bike tour from the heart of the city and surf your way through Dam square and follow the bike trails to enjoy an ever-memorable vacation.

Visit the Amsterdam light festival

One of the popular activities that you must never miss out when in Amsterdam during the Christmas holidays is the annual Amsterdam light festival. This event transforms this astonishing city into a light spectacle. You can enjoy amazing performances of talented artists from all over the world. Furthermore, every year the technicians make sure to introduce innovative lighting techniques so that every time will be a new experience for all the spectators out there.

The light works during this festival offer a contemporary touch to the classic beauty of Amsterdam and this is one of the most attractive factors about the light festival. This event begins in late November and runs until mid or late January every year.

Dutch delicacies

How can you not savor the taste of Dutch delicacies when in Amsterdam? During Christmas, Amsterdam will be crammed with an eclectic range of eateries where you can enjoy both local and international cuisines. Additionally, most of these food festivals offer free food tasting sessions. Olieballen is one of the popular Christmas Dutch delicacies that you must taste at any cost. You can find this dish at almost every street food stall during the Christmas season.