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Amsterdam has a number of heritage buildings which highlight the glories of bygone eras. That said, there is no dearth in the city of innovative and modern constructions. These buildings perfectly complement the older constructions, and add to the aesthetic appeal of the city. Below is a look at some of the most attractive modern buildings which you can visit during one of your Amsterdam tours.

Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf is a place famous for hosting activities related to the shipping industry, which have led to the construction of several huge buildings. However, many of these have been converted to cultural buildings since, and Crane Hotel Faralda is among the most prominent of those. It is located within a former crane which overlooks the NDSM Wharf, and has three attractive suites that tower over the cityscape of Amsterdam.

De Fietsflat

This is a multi-story bicycle facility floating in the canal, which was constructed in 2001 by the Amsterdam municipality, and towards the south of Centraal Station. It was initially built to free up space during another construction project. Later, the municipality chose to leave it in the canal. Today, it is called the de Fietsflat, which translates as “the Bicycle Apartment”.

EYE Film Institute

The EYE Film Institute has adorned the skyline of Amsterdam since its construction in 2012, and is now one of the most notable presences on its skyline. It was originally built as a place to hold national film archives, and today contains four cinemas, a restaurant, and an exhibition space. It is an architectural marvel due to its special features like folding walls, each of which seems to “fold” on to the adjacent one. Aside from that, the whole building creates an illusion of movement. Overall, it is a great place to visit when on Amsterdam tours.

Nemo Science Museum

This is a gigantic science museum designed by Renzo Piano, who is a Pritzker Prize winner. The structure appears alike to a huge turquoise ship leaving Amsterdam’s Oosterdok harbor. The entrance of the museum is situated on the deck of the artificial structure. Visitors can access it by climbing a spiraling set of stairs to the top. Its upper bulwark is so designed as to give a panoramic view of the city.

Amsterdam city has a good number of artistically attractive buildings and structures which have been created in the recent past. These places live up to the larger reputation the city has garnered, which is that aesthetics hold top priority here. Make sure you visit one of the above places to fully experience what the city has to offer.