What Is New In Amsterdam This March?

Visiting Amsterdam
Visiting Amsterdam

With spring around the corner, just like how new flowers are blooming; the city of Amsterdam too is growing with new shops and activities happening in the season. These additions to the city have made it livelier and are already making its way to the top of many people’s bucket lists. I will introduce you to these new must visit spots.


This is the place to go to if you are a cheese lover! At Kaasbar you will find yourself picking up portions of cheesy food works off a conveyor belt- an unusual yet modern technique- which arouses curiosity. This place offers a variety of cheese to you from white and red flora to blue and hard cheese. An example of their masterpiece is Skeapsrond, a cheese made from the organic creamy milk of sheep from Dikhoeve farm in Amsterdam. It is set on the belt with caramel popcorn, an edible flower, and a chardonnay or malt beer (as you wish).

Chez L’Élite

Chez L’Éliteis is for the shoppers visiting Amsterdam! Located in Museum District, this shop is the “perfect” high-end cosmetics shop with a stylish special section for world-class perfumes, and a spa upstairs. Many say it is worth visiting for its posh aura and selection of variety of exclusive branded fragrance bars.

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Be there to witness the birth of new trends in the world of coffee. Meet the best latte artists, baristas, and coffee mixing experts while they do what they love doing. Visit this festival and let your taste buds explore the different types of coffee.

Italian International Fare 

The ambiance of this place is bland, unlike its Italian dishes which are a unique, mouth-watering mixture of flavors that is definitely worth a visit. You will also find many pocket-friendly vine naturel on the menu. The restaurant slash wine bar has a reasonably priced menu and has many other reasons why you should go there.


If having the best Latin American street food, a variety of roasted meat and a breath taking mezcal menu were not good enough reasons for you to visit Salmuera, this will certainly be- Martin Eisma’s “House Classics” cocktail menu. Experience all that the avant-garde artisans have to offer here.

Include these places on your Amsterdam tours list if you are visiting the city this March. Explore and experiment to make your journey worth the time.