Non-Sexual Activities in the Red Light District

Tours In Amsterdam
Red Light District Attractions

Many of us might have heard of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, as the place is famous across the world for one thing – prostitution. However, the Red Light District is also a normal place in Amsterdam where people live and work. Below is a list of all the activities other than sexual activities that you can include in your Red Light District tours in Amsterdam.

Play in Arcade for Grown Ups

You can let your inner child out at a classic grown up arcade in the city of Amsterdam. These arcades let you pair Pinball or Mario Kart with bottles of some of the best brews of the city. You will be able to spot big arcades for grown up in Westerpark.

Discover the Hidden Church

“Our Dear Lord in the Attic” is a building that resembles a townhouse from the outside. Inside the building is the replicated home of a Catholic merchant from the seventeenth century and a church with a seating capacity of two hundred and a one-story organ.

Learn Hemp History

The Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam will be surprising and interesting for many. The museum features exhibits that will walk the guests through the stories of hemp or cannabis plant from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum houses many unique arts and artifacts relating to marijuana.

Enjoy Coffee in a Pretty Garden

Just next to the old church, you will be able to spot a coffee shop that is built into the church. This isn’t one of those coffee shops that you can find in the city. You can visit the place to enjoy real coffee in a walled garden terrace. The interior of the shop is bare but charming.

Visit the “Professors” of the Cannabis College

The Cannabis College in Amsterdam offers free advice on safe use of medicinal and recreational marijuana, in addition to offering education to public on the industrial applications and uses of the hemp plant. Include Cannabis College in your Amsterdam tours itinerary to enjoy their completely organic Cannabis garden.

Visit the Hangover Information Center

You can stock up the blue bottles from this spot if you are planning to have a night of drinking the favorite intoxicating substance of the world. The blue bottles have a mix of mojito and sulphite flavors, that when drank with a glass of water, seems to help people fight hangover issues.