Places to Find the Most Refreshing Ice Creams in Amsterdam

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A lot of people hold the opinion that few things are as refreshing as a delicious ice cream or gelato on a warm summer’s day. You may be familiar with Howard Johnson’s song “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM”, which massively popularized the frozen food. In the Netherlands, they call it “IJs” or “IJsje” which is pronounced almost the same as “ice”.

Monte Pelmo

It is usually a lovely experience wandering around the amazing streets of the Jordaan, enjoying an ice cream cone. The Monte Pelmo is one of the best ice cream shops in this area, where you also get delicious gelato. You can always see a line in front of this shop, which moves quickly. The place offers you a variety of ice-cream flavors, two of the popular ones being passion fruit sorbet and dreamy blue ‘Smurf’.


IJscuypje is a kind of Dutch ice-cream that is very creamy. This ice-cream is available here in many distinct flavors, such as Bitterkoekjes and Speculaas. There is also a flavor called Yoghurt-kers, which is almost a sour plain savor run through with streaks of cherry jam.

IJscuypje stays open from spring to autumn. During the winter season, the shop switches to Stamppotje, which serves a variety of flavors of conventional Dutch mashed potato plate. This is something that is exactly the opposite of ice-cream, and which refreshes you during cold weather.

Banketbakkerij van der Linde

This amazing ice-cream shop is located in the Nieuwendijk shopping street. The most fascinating thing about the place is that they serve only soft vanilla ice cream, and yet attract a wide range of takers. Most people go crazy for their soft and creamy vanilla ice-cream. There is always a line of customers outside their shop, and you would also see many people walking through the streets licking tempting ice-cream cones. Customers describe this ice-cream as “heavenly”, “like eating fresh whipped cream, but cold”, and “the best in the world”.

La La Ijs

This lovely ice-cream shop is located near the Amsterdam Foodhallen. You would be able to find a variety of ice-cream flavors at this shop, which includes salted chocolate rosemary caramel, basil lemon, and orange cardamom. This place also offers sorbets, rich creamy gelatos, vegan ice cream, and milkshakes.