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Amsterdam is a city that features museum visits and year-round festivities as well such as nightlife and canal cruises. If you tour Amsterdam all year, there are plenty of attractions and festivals you can take part. January to February is the coldest in Amsterdam city and the Tulip gardens will be open to public as usual in the season. During March to April, all of the Netherlands will be on a festive mood partying hard on the Koningsdag, the birthday of King Willem-Alexander.

There will be a 36-hour street party in Amsterdam conducted as a ritual over the years on Koningsdag. With much happening in the national holiday in France, flights, trains, and hotels in Amsterdam often stay booked. Yet if you plan well ahead of the schedule and arrive in Amsterdam on or before April 27, 2018, you can take part in it.

Amsterdam will also welcome the sixth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival during November to January. On the occasion, holiday lights will decorate the bridges in Amsterdam and other decorations will transform the streets.

In December, the Sinterklaas will arrive in Amsterdam for the Sinterklaasfeest, and the tourists as well as the Dutch may reach the Maritime museum, one of the hubs that figure in all popular tours in Amsterdam. See Sint Nicholas and his friends distribute sweets to kids and adults in December 5, 2017.

During September midweek and until October, Amsterdam will dive into the cultural festivities. The Dutch Theater Festival is now open, and Fringe Festival, its little version, is also featuring in Amsterdam now. The festivals are a world of theater shows, arts, comedy, and dance, and both will prolong until September 17, 2017.

On the October last week this year, Amsterdam Spook will take place, and you can see people on freaky make up and costume and outfit enjoying the Halloween’s Day. Also from November midweek to November 26, 2017, the International Documentary Film Festival will unfold in Amsterdam.

As always, the Dutch community has high expectations from the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Tourists can expect film buffs from Europe entering into the world of documentary films on the 30th edition of the Festival.