The Dutch Bungalow Parks in the Netherlands

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The Dutch Bungalow Parks located in Netherlands is one of the greatest budget friendly accommodation options available. Most of these holiday parks are hidden in forested areas offering you a relaxed and entertaining holiday. The Bungalow parks commonly consists a group of bungalows, which are located in rural areas. This holiday park is supervised by a resident and the administrative staff. In fact, you would be able to find many bungalow parks throughout the Netherlands during your Amsterdam bike tour.

These holiday parks typically feature a Dutch vacation site. The Netherlands houses over 400 bungalow parks having over 30,000 residences. Even though most of the bungalow parks are located in forested areas, some of them could be found near the sea too. Another interesting fact about these holiday parks is that they are usually car-free zones and are very suitable for enjoying your vacation with children.

Today, you would be able to find many forms of bungalows ranging from the bare-bones to posh and luxurious ones in Amsterdam. Most of these bungalows come along with a kitchen too, so that the guests would be able to save more money by cooking on their own. They also provide many additional facilities including water slides, swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, and many other leisure opportunities. Some of them even have child-friendly amusement parks.

Noord Holland City Amsterdam

The Park Zandvoort in the in Noord Holland City Amsterdam is a perfect vacation spot. This place is an awesome destination to get some fresh sea air during your Amsterdam tours. The dunes and the beach at this place give you an excellent environment to relax. There are many other attractions too in this area including plenty of sports activities to enjoy with your family. The Zandvoort holiday park also has its own swimming-pool complex with a wave pool. This area is less crowded, so you can enjoy your time to the core here.

Landal Greenparks

This is one of the most famous bungalow parks in the Netherlands. You would be able to find a number of special deals in this holiday park. Even though the most important of the Landal’s parks settlement is in the Netherlands, they also manage bungalow park settlements in many other countries like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Austria. The company has a total of 60 holiday villages, amongst which, 44 holiday villages are located in the Netherlands. This is really a wonderful place to enjoy a calm and peaceful holiday.