The Rarely Explored Areas in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a place that is among the top tourist destinations. There are a lot of exotic places to visit in Amsterdam like the popular Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum, etc. Amsterdam is a place that is full of history. It contains beautiful architecture and incredible museums that will amaze you. If you are a person who likes to go off the beat then there are enormous options for you to explore in Amsterdam. The following are some of the places that remain rarely explored in Amsterdam tours that you can visit.

De Poezenboot

It is the world’s only floating catboat shelter that was established in the ’60s for cat lovers. The place is close to Central Station, and it’s actually free to visit this place.

Theatre Tuschinski

People go to this theatre just to see the gorgeous. This Amsterdam movie theatre has a beautiful interior that dates back to 1921. The cost to build this theater was 4 million guilders. It’s just a masterpiece of art and decoration.

The Tiny Hidden Houses

You will find the tiny hidden houses of Amsterdam hidden within a small crack in the Jordaan. These tiny hidden houses were installed as a joke in reference to the closed-up courtyard in a crack of a wall. Nonetheless, they’re quite a delightful sight to watch and are difficult to find. It’s a small wonder that you can find in Amsterdam.

Walloon Church

You may pass by the Walloon Church along Oudezijds Achterburgwal without noticing it. The Walloon Church dates back to the 15th century. This church has been in active use since 1586. One of the specialties of this church is that Vincent van Gogh attended sermons here. It is free to visit this church when it is open but you have to respect as this is a religious space. Another important specialty of this church is the organ created by Christian Muller. This is one of the best-preserved organs here which is still in existence.


The Agnietenkapel which dates back to the 1400s is a beautiful former church. This is one of the original buildings from the University of Amsterdam that still exists. This church sits close to the Red Light District. There had been many Catholic convents during the early periods in this area.

Montelbaanstoren Tower

This is one of the most stunning towers in Amsterdam which remains rarely explored. This place is now modified and rented as offices so you will not be able to enter. However, you can see and appreciate the view of this tower from the other side of the canal.