The Top Five Bicycle Tours Out of Amsterdam City

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Are you looking forward to exploring picturesque areas in the Netherlands by bike on your next tour to Amsterdam city? The following list compiles the best destinations within riding distance from the capital city of the Netherlands. Exploring these villages and towns through the dedicated bicycle paths in the country will be a memorable experience to you for sure. Yet for that, you certainly require a rented bike or join an Amsterdam bike tour program.


The bicycle route amid this scenic seaside town and the Dutch capital crosses the vast nature reserve, that is, the Zuid Kennemerland National Park. The bicycle trail passes by the medieval town center of Haarlem and continues through the national park’s woodland onto the coast. If you want a shorter tour, it is possible to end up in Zandvoort town and then catch a train to the Amsterdam Centraal station.

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

The Amstel River flows below Waterlooplein in Amsterdam and makes its way out of the Dutch capital by channeling past the Hermitage Amsterdam museum and Magere Brug Bridge. By continuing your trip past these Dutch landmarks, bicyclists can pedal down towards the rustic village Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. This excursion takes about an hour and crosses many greenbelts, comprising Amstel Park.


The historical charms of Utrecht are unparalleled in the Netherlands. The early architecture of the city rivals the town center of Amsterdam. The outer limits of Utrecht border the suburbs of the Dutch capital, so traveling to the city by bike takes about two hours. This trip is just about due south and head past Ronde Hoep Park. It is worth getting off your bicycle in Utrecht to explore the narrow and winding paths and canal rings of the city.


This is a small fishing village, fully encircled by sea, which can be accessed only by a causeway connecting it to the mainland of Noord Holland province. Marken seems to be the same as it did many years ago. The Dutch village’s wooden residences, painted in vibrant colors, recall the 18th Century design. Pedaling up to the village from the capital city takes bicyclists through the fertile hinterlands of North Holland and crosses the farming village named Broek in Waterland.


The unique citadel of Naarden was constructed as part of a defense line, which encircled Amsterdam city until the early 20th Century. To reach the city, bicyclists can also stop over at another fortified city named Muiden. A scene canal that is lined with woodland runs parallel to this trial amid Amsterdam, Muiden, as well as Naarden.