Three Things to do in Amsterdam Noord

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The Amsterdam Noord is often referred to as a borough but it is more of a cultural hub that retains the medieval charm of the city capital. Noord is alluring and there are plenty of things to see and do to both tourists and natives. Below are some of the best things that you should try when you visiting the Noord of Amsterdam while you are going on Amsterdam tours. Some of these may seem adventurist to you while others enriching so check them out.

Views from the Top of the A’dam Toren

The A’DAM Toren building in Amsterdam features an elegant bar restaurant on the rooftop and a swing, which is regarded as the highest in Europe by several tourists. If the idea of the over-the-edge swinging atop a 100 meters tall building brings fear in you, you can enjoy panoramic of the cityscapes from top of the A’dam lookout. There are elevators to take you there.

Spending a Day Off In a Dutch Park

Noorderpark for one in Amsterdam Noord is the perfect destination for fun activities with your tour crew. The open park features the Roze Tanker bar, the De Gele Pomp café, and remains of petrol pumps that became worthless when the roadways in Noord were renovated in the recent past. The gas stations became cultural centers wherein you can find anything from pop-up restaurants to cultural workshops. Besides, Noorderpark is the perfect spot if you want to swim, as it features a swimming pool which is as much fun looking at as it is diving into.

Bicycling in True Amsterdamian Style

It will be a memorable thing visiting the city capital and pedaling your way through the designated pathways for cycling from the central station. Amsterdam has a bicycling network unlike no other city in Europe and above the sea level bicycling is a Dutch tradition. When on Amsterdam tours, it is highly recommended pedaling to Durgerdam village in Landelijk Noord. The bike rides to the Dutch village often begins from the Amsterdam Central Station, crossing the River IJ by the ferry to Amsterdam North prior to heading east by the artificial shores of Ijsselmeer to Durgerdam. It returns to the central station through the ferry. So, try not to miss it before leaving the city.