Tips to Explore Amsterdam like a Local

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Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places to spend your vacation. The city offers a number of attractions including the stunning architecture, picturesque canals, street food, festivals, charming neighborhoods, adventurous activities, tulip blooms, etc. No wonder, the number of people flocking to the Dutch capital is increasing every year. However, traveling around this magical city can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a first-timer. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the brilliant tips that you may consider in order to venture the city like an Amsterdammer.

Avoid Walking on the Bike Lane

It is a known fact that Amsterdam city is known for its lifestyle and bike riding. In fact, an Amsterdam bike tour will be included in the tour itinerary of almost every traveler. So, the number of bike riders in the city will be really high. Hence, using the bike lanes for walking will be dangerous; it can cause a traffic jam as well. Rather, pedestrians can use the sidewalks that you can see near to the bike lanes. Note that bike lanes will be usually red in color and there will be a bike icon board at the beginning of the lane.

Opt for an Amsterdam Bike Tour

As said, traveling in bikes is the best way to enjoy your Amsterdam tours to the fullest. There will be many shops in the city where you can rent bikes for a small daily fee. However, you must follow certain guidelines while riding a bike in the city, such as always riding on the right side of the road, always signaling using your hands if you are about to turn to a side, etc. In addition, you can see bike stoplights in the Dutch capital too; make sure to follow these lights.

Be Careful While Purchasing Drugs

It is true that buying and using drugs in Amsterdam is legal. Nevertheless, not every kind of drug is promoted in the city. Note that buying and selling hard drugs is absolutely illegal in Amsterdam; there are dedicated spots to use them. Additionally, try to avoid buying stuff from the street vendors, especially if you have less knowledge about the type of drugs. Similarly, smoking in public places is a punishable offense in Amsterdam. Rather, you can go to a coffee shop to buy and use marijuana.