Top 5 Ways to Relax the Body and Mind When in Amsterdam

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It is a given that once you are done with exploring the hustle and bustle of downtown Amsterdam, you might want to explore some offbeat locations or activities. This way, you would be able to make the most of your trip. Below are top 5 ways to relax and chill out during your tours in Amsterdam.

Tread the Forest Areas along Amsterdamse Bos

This sprawling park spanning around 1000 hectares is home to ponds, restaurants, farms, and lakes. Paying a visit here when on Amsterdam tours can be as close as it can get to the wilderness. Although it has the ambiance of a dense forestland, it is technically a park, that is home to “Fun Forest”, where you can learn climbing ladders, zip lines, and so forth.

Practice Yoga nearby Ijmeer Lake

The Naar Zee Yoga studio is the place to go for a relaxing session of yoga. The yoga studio in the capital city overlooks the river, which brings a sense of calmness in addition to the classes in different styles of yoga. If you are looking forward to more ways of loosening up the body, book a session of massage or holistic therapies here.

Meditate in a Yurt

The shop named Mahara Holistic Lifestyle situated amidst De Clercqstraat has a garden and yurt in its premises. You can meditate in the yurt to relax and unwind the stresses of a busy day spent in Amsterdam. The yurt also hosts gatherings aimed at a generic product or a section of society such as cacao ceremonies or women circles.

Float in Flotation Tanks Filled with Saltwater

The Koan Float has flotation tanks, where you can get deep relaxation. It is filled with Epsom salts and warm water attuned to the temperature of the human body. Floating in such tanks reduce the fluctuations in temperature to an extent and arouses visual and auditory stimuli. The advantages of such ‘floating therapy’ include stress-relief, better sleep, and reduction in body pain.

Soak your Body in a Wooden Hot Tub

Amsterdam Odessa is set up on a ship, which is docked at Veemkade 259 by the River IJ. It is a laid-back space for those who are looking for some inspiration or creativity. The deck of the ship has a sauna and hot tub, so make full use of the facilities for relaxation. Even during wintertime, you can make use of these facilities provided you sign up for Ecstatic Dance sessions that are held on Thursdays and Saturdays during evening hours.