Types of Bikes you Can Rent in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tour Tips
Amsterdam Tour Tips

One of the better things people find about the city of Amsterdam is that most major areas can be navigated with bikes. As long as you know where you want to go and can follow the pertinent rules of the road, it is possible to cycle almost anywhere you want, because that is what a lot of the locals do on a daily basis. Following is a look at the different types of bikes which you can rent while in the city.

Foot-Brake Bikes

These are pretty common in Amsterdam, as well as being the cheapest to rent. You do not use hand levers to grab the back and front brakes; instead, you stop the bike by simply pedaling backward. That could prove challenging if you have never rode a bike like this while growing up, although a bit of time on one could get you sufficiently used to maneuvering it down the cycleways.

The main thing to remember is that taking your feet off of the pedals is not an option if you want to be able to brake, which means it is best to take it slow the first couple of days.

Kids’ Bikes

Amsterdam has plenty of shops which rent smaller bikes for kids, but this option only works if you can count on yours to ride responsibly. If you have a toddler with whom you are ready to brave the streets, you can also get bikes that come with child seats.


Amsterdam being as flat as it is, an E-bike may not be much benefit if you are only planning on in-city rides. It does work wonders when you are riding along the countryside though. This option can get you more range while navigating the wide bike lanes; plus, it can be a godsend if the wind decides to blow strongly right in your face, the way it often does.

Long-Term Rentals

Some bike rental services let you have a bike for more than a month at a stretch. Some of them even give the option where they deliver a new working bike in case something breaks on the one you rented. If the repair is short work, they might even do it for you on the spot.

Given above are some of the things you need to know about the types of bikes you can rent while in Amsterdam. Make sure you know the rules of the road before you try and take yours out for a spin.