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There are a lot of famous attractions in Amsterdam like the Rijksmuseum, Dam Square or Vondelpark. But if you are searching for some of alternative things to do during your tours in Amsterdam, then we have some great suggestions for you. The following places are some hidden treasures of Amsterdam that are not frequented by visitors but are quite a sight to watch. If you want to enjoy Amsterdam off the beaten path, then you should definitely explore these places.


This place will be always buzzing with activities. It was used for gasworks in the early periods which dates back to the late 19th century, and now converted in to a conventional center. The place has an industrial atmosphere which shows off its cultural leanings. There are a lot of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues situated here and you can wander around these places for an entire evening enjoying the unique vibe these places has to offer along with the charm of 19th century.

The City Archives

The entry to this place is free unlike most of the other museums in Amsterdam. The place is home to some really fascinating items like a police report submitted by Ann Frank regarding her stolen bicycle and the document that banished Baruch Spinoza, a Jewish-Dutch philosopher, from Amsterdam’s Jewish community. But this exhibition mostly remains unvisited.

REM Eiland

This is a unique and special waterborne restaurant which is stood 22 meters above the water. It was formerly a pirate radio and TV station during 1960s. The pirate radio broadcasters had to abandon the platform as their operation was raided by the Dutch government in 1964. After four decades, the structure was brought to Amsterdam’s Houthaven harbor and then renovated to a restaurant. The visitors can dine in the upper decks and on the roof terrace of this restaurant.

Pancake Boat

This will be a wonderful experience for the food lovers. The passengers on this boat can enjoy Dutch-style pancakes topped with yummy syrup and the richness of fruits and powdered sugar. You can get unlimited supply of these pancakes while enjoying the beautiful waters of Amsterdam. This “delicious” trip starts in northern docklands of Amsterdam and passes through the city’s famous harbor. The visitors can marvel at the fantastic architecture of the area while munching on the sugary goodness.

Blijburg aan Zee Beach

If you want to escape from the hassle of the city, this is a wonderful place for you. Blijburg is a classic beach where you can swim around or sunbathe. This artificial peninsula projects into the IJmeer Lake and has a large number of attractions like seaside resorts, clear water and golden sand.

The EYE Film Museum

The museum has an unusual structure and houses items related to Dutch and international cinematic history. Inside this institute, there are many important facilities that hosts exhibitions related to filmmaking on a regular basis. It also accommodates modern cinemas and there is also a multi-tiered restaurant. The structure, colloquially known as the EYE, also conducts special events like film festivals, concerts, movie screenings etc.

Amsterdamse Bos

This is a huge park situated almost 10 kilometers away from Amsterdam’s historic centre. The park features a variety of terrains which ranges from lakeside beaches to dense forests. You can do a plenty of activities in this place like jogging, hiking, cycling etc. It is also possible for you to rent boats and travel through the canals or lakes or ponds in this place. Other alluring features of this park are a wonderful open-air theatre and a delightful organic farm. The visitors can pet the baby goats in this farm.

Het Schip

This building features the architectural style of the Amsterdam School, a group of wonderful architects. They have created many structures throughout the city. Their architectural style is defined by complex brickwork and curved motifs. These works are really fascinating and expressive. The movement’s history can be discovered at a museum located near Westerpark which showcases their legacy and principles. This fantastic museum is situated inside a beautiful building which was designed by a renowned member of the Amsterdam School named Michiel de Klerk in 1919.

The Beurspassage

This passage connects the Nieuwendijk Street and the Damrak Avenue. The passage is exceptionally beautiful with its decorations made of Italian glass mosaics. There are also some gold chandeliers, which adorns the passage.


This is a museum for microbes. It might sound like an odd option to visit during a pleasure trip. But this is a great destination for science lovers. The museum is highly interactive and will enable you to explore a world that is unknown to the naked eye.

The places mentioned above are some least explored places in Amsterdam, but are worth a try. If you want to see the unexplored Amsterdam, these places will be a great choice for you. So don’t forget to visit these wonderful places during your tours in Amsterdam.