Visiting Amsterdam in the Winter

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Winter season brings a festive mood for Amsterdam. Tours in Amsterdam during the winter season will give you a magical feeling as the nights will be cool and everything shines in the fairy lights. Here are some wonderful reasons why you should visit Amsterdam during the winter season.

Winter gives a fairy tale look for Amsterdam

You will feel like you are living in a fairy tale if you visit Amsterdam during the winter. It will be covered with snow and the city will look like a Christmas card. The dusted snowflakes on the rooftops and trees give a great romantic backdrop for Amsterdam. For getting a wonderful winter experience go to the spectacular parks in the city like Vondelpark and Westerpark. Make your experience awesome by creating a snowman and throwing snowballs at your friends and family.

The city will be adorned with lights

The Amsterdam Light Festival which lasts from November to January will make the city a spectacle of light. The streets, canals and other landmarks of Amsterdam will be glowing with a large number of light arrangements. Wandering through the streets that are illuminated with magical light installations is a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Another way to enjoy the sparkling beauty of Amsterdam is by going on a special Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour where you can view this magnificent city from its fantastic waters.

Sometimes it may be possible to ice-skate on the frozen canals

Even though it doesn’t happen often, it can be possible for you to ice-skate on Amsterdam’s frozen canals if the conditions are right. If the temperature drops below four degrees for four consecutive nights the canals will be blocked off for forming enough ice for Et voila, one of the world’s most stunning ice rink. Even if the canals do not freeze you can have access to many other opportunities for ice-skating activities. If you are a fan of ice-skating there is no better time than winter season to visit Amsterdam as there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ice-skate.

Amsterdam has amazing winter markets

Amsterdam will be truly fascinating during the festive seasons. When Christmas nears, you can find a lot of different market popping up here and there in the city which sells a wide range of items from trendy and stylish clothing to Christmas decoration items. Another impressive factor is that you can get delicious foods and drinks from these markets which are prepared lovingly.

It is truly romantic in Amsterdam during winter

Walking hand-in-hand with your beloved on a cool night when the city is shining with millions of lights and the street is dusted with sparkling white snowflakes is one of the most romantic things you can experience. The lights reflecting from the Amsterdam canals will make your experience really lovely. Hence, winter is a great time of the year for tours in Amsterdam along with your better half. This will be the most precious gift you can give them for Christmas or New Year.


This is among the top reasons to visit Amsterdam during the winter. This delicious goodness will be available once in a year and never miss the opportunity to relish in the taste of this wonderful traditional Dutch food. Oliebollen will be available during the New Years’ time and grab as many as you can when you get the opportunity to have them. It is best served hot and dusted with sugar. You can get this item from street vendors throughout the city when the New Year comes.

Sinterklaas Parade

This is one of the most amazing experiences you will get when you visit Amsterdam in the winter. Unlike the Father Christmas in other countries who are believed to visit the children when they sleep, the Dutch Father Christmas likes to make a grand entry when hundreds of spectators waiting to welcome. Sinterklaas will sail to the city every winter and provides a great experience and enthusiasm for everyone who love Sinterklaas stories. It is like a childhood fantasy becoming true.

Foods that fill your heart

Eating hot and spicy Dutch food on a cold winter is a heart-warming experience. From the traditional Stamppot to the thick snert soup, Amsterdam offers a variety of foods that you can eat to your heart’s content. The Dutch dishes will warm you from inside out. You can also find some special dishes which are specifically created for winter. Foodies will love their winter experience in Amsterdam.

Everything will be ‘gezellig’in Amsterdam in winter

The dark nights, fairy lights, bustling streets, sparkling waters, etc. in Amsterdam during winter can be described as truly ‘gezellig’. This Dutch word which has a wide range of meanings from cozy to relaxing and friendly can be applied to the wonderful feeling you will get in Amsterdam in winter.