Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

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One of the famous and iconic attractions in the French capital, Amsterdam is undoubtedly the Anne Frank House. Tourists who are going on Amsterdam tours with their friends and family members usually try to schedule a visit to this fascinating museum. The best thing about the Anne Frank House is that it is an interesting museum where visitors are given an opportunity to envision what happened at the house several years ago.

The authorities of the museum have done an excellent job of preserving the rooms of the Secret Annex in the Anne Frank House in their original state. Most of these rooms will be empty, as furniture was carted away from the house when Anne Frank and her family were arrested. However, salvaged documents and objects that belonged to people who were hiding in Anne Frank House’s Secret Annex are put on display to visitors in the museum.

The front portion of Anne Frank House, where Anne’s father, Otto Frank had an office has been restored by the authorities to the style and atmosphere of the period when people were hiding in the house. Tourists who are going on Amsterdam tours for the first time in their lives might not know a lot about Anne Frank’s story. If that is the case, then you will be able to learn about Anne Frank and her story through the snippets of the aspiring writer’s diary.

Tourists and natives who are visiting the museum will be able to see original objects, documents, and photographs from those days. These items will help you to know a lot more about Anne Frank and the struggles she and her family endured in their life. In addition to that, visitors must also check out the three short videos available in the museum before ending their Anne Frank House tour.

This fascinating Amserdamian museum is also home to numerous personal documents and items, which belonged to Anne Frank’s family members and to the ones who were hiding in the house’ Secret Annex. These items are currently displayed in a special collection at the Anne Frank House museum. However, some of these objects are often put on permanent and temporary collections at the museum. The green and red checked diary used by Anne Frank when she was in hiding are also displayed in the museum’s collections.