Visiting the Enchanting Gardens of Amsterdam

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Enchanting Gardens Of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one among the most beautiful destinations in Europe and a favorite place for visitors. Its intricate network of canals, culture, and the unique nature of the city has attracted many from around the world. To them, Amsterdam is a place where modernity and nature exist side by side in perfect accord. Besides its many incredible sights and locales, Amsterdam is also renowned for its enchanting gardens.

These are some of the finest gardens in the whole of Europe, and are the preferred destinations for relaxing and recreation for both the natives and visitors alike. Most of these gardens are included in many Amsterdam tour packages as their sheer beauty and popularity make them qualify as important sightseeing destinations. Below are some of the enchanting gardens that you must visit in your next Amsterdam tours.

De Hortus Botanicus

De Hortus Botanicus is established 1638 and remains one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. It has a huge collection of a variety of specimens and plants from all around the world, even rare ones. It also includes a palm greenhouse that was added to the garden in 1912. The Hortus also has an outdoor garden known as the Semicircle systematic garden with intricately laid down plants and bushes grouped based on their species.

Summer and spring are the best time to visit the De Hortus Botanicus. Visitors can enjoy the many other delights presented in this magnificent botanical garden. The serene atmosphere that surrounds this garden offers the perfect way to relax for the visitors.


The Keukenhof is another enchanting and lavish garden located between Amsterdam and The Hague. The tulips grown in these gardens are renowned all over the world with about 7 million bulbs and 800 varieties. The lining of the tulips varieties offers a spellbinding experience for the visitors. The park is only open between the end of March and mid-May and hence reservations are required, as it can get quite crowded. The various facilities offered at the park allow the visitors to rest, eat, and stroll through the tulips in a relaxed manner.

Open Gardens

Amsterdam has about 30 private gardens that are accessible to the public on the third weekend of June every year. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the unknown yet truly magnificent gardens laid out in the city. The Open Gardens pass allows the visitors to visit the gardens for a full weekend and is available in many prominent museums in the city such as The Theatre Museum and Museum Van Loon.