What is the Springsnow Festival in Amsterdam About?

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Amsterdam celebrates the annual Springsnow Festival from April third week to late May. The festival marks the arrival of spring and is all about the Elm trees that bloom, covering most of the Dutch streets with Elm seeds. Traditionally, the Springsnow route stretches from the street nearby Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam Noord to Hortus Botanicus garden. Yet again, there are other streets in the Venice of the North, which gets to celebrate the festival with pretty much the same vibe.

Other than the blanket of Elm seeds across the streets, the festival also sees other activities such as photography expositions of past Springsnow events. It is the Dutch photographers, who take this initiative to bring together previous photos of Amsterdam streets covered up with Elm seeds.

Amsterdam Springs to Life with Elm Seeds and More during Springsnow

This tall tree is part of the identification of Amsterdam and the springtime tradition, which it celebrates each year. There are in excess of 70000 Elm trees in over 50 varieties in the Dutch capital, which may even exceed Elm statistics of other European countries.

Part of the beauty of the yearly Springsnow Festival is just that; the seeds to have spread across the city providing an ideal opportunity for daytime photography. If you want to expand your bokeh photography skills, in particular, do visit Amsterdam during this spring or anytime soon.

Yet again, if you feel that Springsnow 2018 is all about photo-ops, there is more to it than that meets the eye. When on Amsterdam tours by foot, join an event organized along the Elm routes to bring about a purpose to your uploads with Springsnow hashtags. The route runs through the Amsterdam center and lets participants discover Elm tree varieties along the way, comprising the oldest existing and the tallest ones.

Besides photography enthusiasts, Springsnow can get your creative juices flowing no matter whether you are a sightseer interested in bicycling tours in Amsterdam or an executive on a corporate meet. The first organizers of the Springsnow Festival drew inspiration from it and went as far as to launch Eau d’Amsterdam in 2014. That perfume launched by Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands and Saskia Hoogendoorn has the scent of Elm Tree leaves and wood. To explore the festival in all its fragrance, it is best to trail the Elm route by foot.