Wonderful Instagrammable Spots in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam offers many pretty sights that would make a perfect background for your Instagram photos. The spectacular architecture, mesmerizing beauty of its canals, the vibrant colors of tulips etc. are promised to give you hundreds of likes for your pictures. We have listed some wonderful places in Amsterdam that will leave your social media accounts flooded with likes and comments.

The Nine Streets

The Nine Streets, which are also known as De NegenStraatjes among the locals, is a series of nine beautiful streets in this stunning city. These streets are filled with an enormous number of shops and cafes. You can enjoy the beauty of the grand canals of Amsterdam while walking down these streets. Get your camera ready to capture the beauty of these alluring streets.

Prince’s Canal

The Prince’s Canal is one among the three main canals in Amsterdam. This stunning canal that is situated in the Jordaan neighborhood is one of the best spots to take some wonderful selfies.

Floating Flower Market

This place is full of brilliant colors which will make your photos vibrant. It is the only floating flower market in the entire world and will be open every day. In the tulip season, this is the best place in Amsterdam to buy some tulip bulbs. This place will add energy and color to your Instagram profile.


Filled with luscious greenery throughout the year, this park will provide a soothing effect for your photos. This place is best for planning a picnic in the summer where you can enjoy the freshness of nature along with its thriving beauty. In the autumn, walking around this park will give you a unique experience when the trees will turn orange and the entire place will be filled with vibrant colors of falls. This place, which is home to almost 70 varieties of rose flowers will become even more beautiful in spring when it is covered with flowers of different colors.

Narrow Houses of Damrak

These world-famous structures are among the top list of photographable places in Amsterdam. For getting a marvelous snap, head to Damrak in the center of the city which is a strip that connects Dam Square and Centraal Station. The picture will be more beautiful if you are lucky enough to capture the reflection of the houses in the water on a cloudy day.

Keukenhof Gardens

This is one of the best destinations to get a colorful picture for your Instagram account. It will take only a short journey from Amsterdam to reach this beautiful place. These gardens will be only open in the spring season when it is with alluring tulip blossoms. This place is promised to brighten up your social media accounts.