Trailhead Visitor Center Estimated to Open by Next Summer

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the Catalina Island Conservancy is planning to open a new visitor center, titled as Trailhead Visitor Center by next summer. The proposed Trailhead Visitor Center of the Catalina Island Conservancy will serve as a place for the community and visitors to gather.

In addition to that, it will also be a place for visitors and residents to acquire relevant information about the rich history of the Catalina Island, its nature, conservation efforts, and about the recreational and adventure activities available on the island.

Reports claim that the Trailhead Visitor Center will be an energy-efficient three-story facility and the main visitor section at this center is going to be located on the first floor. The President and CEO of Catalina Island Conservancy, Tony Budrovich recently said that the second floor of the building would feature a Bluewater Café and an elegant event space for a maximum of 125 people.

“Conservancy’s Trailhead Visitor Center has a total square footage of 9,050 (and total project of 12,500 sq. ft. which includes our jeep loading areas),” Budrovich said. He also added that the Trailhead Visitor Center is actually a crucial part of the Imagine Catalina plan.

The 20-year master plan, Imagine Catalina, is determined to develop the infrastructures within the island in order to make Catalina Island’s education, recreation, and conservation a lot more accessible. A significant component of the campaign is Trekking Catalina, and reports indicate that the Conservancy has already finished 27 miles of expanded trails for the project, which means that 165 miles of hiking roads and trails are currently available on Catalina Island.

The officials from the Catalina Island Conservancy also confirmed that tourists and residents would be able to find information on camping, biking, hiking, and other thrilling activities at the newly proposed visitor center. Budrovich further added that the center would remain open to public every day from 08:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. However, the center will stay closed on all three of the observing holidays in Catalina Island.

As per Budrovich, the estimated cost of the total project is $14.6 million. However, the Catalina Island Conservancy still has to raise $2.1 million for the project. “We have a capital campaign that is active, and we are basically asking people who cherish what the conservancy stands for to help us build our visitor center,” Budrovich stated.