Festivals That Attracts Families in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is famous for its wonderful monuments, museums and a lot of other stunning attractions. There are also many spectacular festivals in Amsterdam that attracts a lot of people from all over the world. Here, we list some popular festivals in Amsterdam that are suitable for families. These festivals interest both adults as well as children and makes a great occasion for your tours in Amsterdam.

King’s Day

King’s festival is one of the most famous festivals in Amsterdam. This festival excites both kids and grown-ups. Children love this festival very much. It is celebrated in April and is a National holiday. This festival brings great energy and enthusiasm among the people of Amsterdam. The streets will be flocked with locals and visitors alike. The entire city will be filled with orange color, from the decorations to people’s costumes. This is a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy the open-air fun of Amsterdam.

Entire Amsterdam will be filled with festivities including the streets, parks, canals and everywhere in between. There will be a lot of special programs on this day as the city will be celebrating the most-awaited and the biggest street party of the year.

Kids especially love this day as there will be a lot of fairs, open streets markets, food fests, circus, comedy shows, dance, street-food, face-painters, story-tellers, puppeteers, dance workshops, etc. for them to enjoy their holiday to the fullest. Hence, this can be considered as one of the great child-friendly festivals in Amsterdam.

On this special occasion, the city will be wide awake throughout day and night. There will be special night parties, entertainment shows and other events to celebrate this historically important day. There will be laughter, music and cheers everywhere. The canals of Amsterdam are quite a sight to watch on this day, as they will be filled with thousands of boats that are brightly decorated.

People from all around the world will flock to the city on this important event to witness the wonderful celebrations that will take place in Amsterdam. Therefore, if you are planning tours in Amsterdam with your family this will an ideal occasion to take in the beauty of this city with all its glory.

RollendeKeukens (Rolling Kitchens)

This is the best time for foodies to visit Amsterdam. Rolling Kitchens is a festival where a large number of food trucks gather at Westergas to create a massive open-air restaurant. You can spend hours in this place by wandering from one food truck to another tasting the free samples.

There will be a wide variety of cuisines served on these mobile eateries. It includes special Thai dishes to Texan BBQ and Mediterranean tapas. You can eat to your heart’s content till your tummy feels like bursting. Along with delicious foods, there will be a lot of food trucks serving drinks including beer, wine, cocktails, and a wide variety of soft drinks.

Your children will love this festival, as they will get to taste a lot of dishes that they might not be familiar with. This is a great opportunity for them to explore various tastes of different cuisines from all over the world.

This festival attracts both children and adults who love to indulge in new tastes and try new recipes. Therefore, book your tickets now for visiting Amsterdam during this unique and interesting festival. This five-day festival will be conducted in May. Never miss this great event if you are a food lover.


At this family-friendly festival, the city will be brimming with energy. There will be plenty of events and activities organized on this festival, including theatrical and musical line-ups. This festival gives great importance to art, as there will be a lot of art workshops, theatre and crafts to keep both children and adults entertained.

There will be also many DJ shows and musical concerts in the city that draws the attention of music enthusiasts from all over the world. If you and your family members are fans of music this is one of the best times for you to visit Amsterdam. In 2020, this festival will be celebrated on May 21st.

Amsterdam Roots

This festival is a tribute to world music. It attracts musicians and music enthusiasts from all over the world. This festival that will be conducted on the Oosterpark in July of every year features a wide range of music styles from everywhere across the globe. It will last for seven days and will provide the spectators with an opportunity to enjoy a large number of musical programs and concerts.

Along with music shows, there will be a lot of other events for the kids to indulge in. There will be many workshops and circus programs for entertaining kids. Some children-only stages will be set up on this event for them to show their talents. Therefore, this festival will entertain every people irrespective of their age or gender, hence makes a great occasion for visiting Amsterdam.