Things You May Not Have Known About Louvre

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Louvre museum is in the center of all museums in the world due to the significance of the articles it has stored. However, there are several things unknown to the public that may also not be apparent. Below is a discussion regarding some of these unknown facts that you can bear in mind while on your tours of Louvre in Paris.

The Museum Used To Be A Fortress

The life of Louvre literally began when Philip II or Philip Augustus decided to build a fortress and defensive outpost close to the border of western Paris through the banks of Seine. This place was made to protect the royal members from invasions. The fortress includes bastions around every corner and a 98-foot-tall tower. Afterward, when the empire expanded, new defensive walls were constructed close to the border. Today, visitors can view the remains of the fortress in the Lower Hall or Salle Basse.

Philip’s Fortress Was Destroyed to Make Way for a Royal Residence

The place was in disuse until 1527 as different rulers chose to house at different spots. In that year, Louvre was reconstructed. It was the start of a century-long expansion process. Numerous buildings and new wings were constructed at the new site. Majority of the works were carried out by the renowned architects of the era. The buildings were linked through pavilions and galleries making sure that the building gets a uniform façade.

Louvre Was Once Left Abandoned And decaying

After Palace of Versailles came into existence, the royalty shifted, immediately pushing Louvre into disuse. The only few buildings remaining was dedicated to the cultural groups like writers, sculptors, and painters. After a century, construction started again by the Bourbon kings. However, the Monarchy fell as the French revolution was triggered in 1789. Louvre was turned in to the government to create a national museum for the public. Finally, the museum opened in 1793 with just more than 500 paintings which were confiscated from the French nobility and royal family.

Mona Lisa Was Not Always Displayed At the Louvre

Many Da Vinci items were found among Francis I’s collection including La Giaconda. The King purchased the item from the artist’s assistant. However, it was only after the monarchy was overcome and Louvre was proclaimed as a public museum that Mona Lisa was hung in a permanent place.

There are several artworks that are among the best the world has ever seen. There are also certain stories like these that you need to remember when you visit the museum the next time.