Visiting the Musée Rodin in Paris

Musée Rodin
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Among the popular museums in Paris that focus on art and history, such as the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, Musée Rodin stands apart with its incredible collections housed in a more picturesque setting. Being one of the most popular museums in Paris, Musée Rodin attracts about 700,000 visitors each year. It stands as a tribute to Auguste Rodin, the notable French sculptor and art collector, renowned for his works. Inside the museum are several notable sculptures created by Rodin along with several of his drawings and other works.

Visiting Musée Rodin is a great way to get acquainted with some of the notable works of Auguste Rodin, one of the most eminent sculptors of the time. Rodin created numerous sculptures known for their realism and thus heralding a unique style of creating sculptures. His sculptures are known for their accurate portrayals of the human anatomy and their depictions in states of despair or passion. Musée Rodin consists of many of the artist’s sculptural works besides those made by his mistress Camille Claudel.

The Museum

Musée Rodin is housed in a mansion built in the eighteenth century that was the place of residence of Auguste Rodin. It was in 1919 that Hotel Biron housed Musée Rodin and its valuable collections. The location of the museum inside the artist’s mansion makes it different from most other museums in Paris. The mansion is enclosed by a wall and surrounding garden that provides a serene atmosphere undisturbed by the commotion of the city.

The three hectares of French gardens contains numerous species of plants, trees, and shrubs, and display numerous sculptures of Rodin in their lawns. Thus, Musée Rodin is one museum that attracts visitors looking for a less crowded option in seeing artworks.

Musée Rodin is situated near the Les Invalides and Eiffel Tower, two of the major attractions in Paris. The collections of the museum are available in two sites, which are the Hotel Biron located in the center of Paris and the Villa des brilliants at Meudon that was owned by Rodin in 1895. Most of these collections are permanently displayed in the museum but some other parts of the collections such as photography and drawings are sometimes limited for the visitors since they need to undergo various preservation methods.

Permanent Collections

Musée Rodin houses an extensive collection of about 6600 sculptures, 8000 photographs, 8000 drawings, and 7000 art objects. The museum primarily displays the works created by Rodin such as sculptures, drawings, and others. The Thinker, which is the most famous and ingenious sculpture created by Rodin is the first of the collections that visitors will find when entering the museum. It is located atop a pedestal and placed in the idyllic setting of the garden making it a remarkable sight.

Besides most of the sculptures of Rodin are showcased around different locations in the garden. This includes The Gates of Hell, yet another prominent work of Rodin. The sculptures are mostly modeled using terracotta, bronze, marble, wax, plaster, stoneware, and molten glass. The Kiss, a famous work of Rodin made from marble and several other statues made from bronze are also displayed inside the museum.

Many of Rodin’s other notable works such as The Burghers of Calais and the Monument to Balzac are also among the permanent collections of Musée Rodin. Moreover, the museum also contains numerous drawings made by Rodin himself. These drawings, along with the several portraits he created of his friends and family, constitute a major part of the permanent collections inside the museum.

Tickets, Opening Hours, and Services

Musée Rodin is located at 77, Rue de Varenne in Paris near the Invalides and the rue Varenne. Visitors can get to Musée Rodin easily by using public transport such as the metro and city bus. There are numerous metro stations nearby such as the Varenne – line 13 and Invalides – line 8 and 13. Moreover, there are numerous buses on route to Musée Rodin that visitors can utilize such as those numbered 69, 82, 87, and 92.

The museum, coffee shop, and boutique open every day except Monday from 10:00 am to 05:45 pm. Visitors can purchase tickets from the museum and online during busy days. The entry fees to the museum for seeing the permanent and temporary collections are €11.30. The prices vary depending on the age and are sometimes available for €8.30. Visitors aged below 18, disabled persons, and students belonging to the European Union aged under 26 are granted free entry to the museum.

Musée Rodin is free for visitors to see its permanent collections and gardens on the first Sunday of each month. The museum offers numerous services that visitors can avail in order to guarantee a hassle-free experience. This includes the visitor’s tools available in languages of French, Spanish, and English for €6.

A restaurant the Café du muse Rodin also operates inside the museum and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. Moreover, Musée Rodin also conducts many special programs, workshops, lectures, and events to promote art, especially among children.