Digital Signage in Movie Theaters

Digital signage has widened its influence by being an integral component of various industrial platforms. Movie theaters too have embraced the changes brought by digital signage and are choosing dynamic content over static message boards and posters.

The dynamic content displayed in movie theaters include ticketing info, movie posters, ads, seating info etc. Theater managers can reap the optimum benefits from digital signage using the following methods.

Film Promotions

The time that customers spend waiting in the queues in theater to buy tickets and get snacks is the right time slot for business promotion activities. Display movie posters, film ratings, time schedule and incorporate QR codes for the customers to scan and watch movie trailers.

Create a Social Media Wall

If creating a buzz around movies and events is what you want, setting up a social media wall will do wonders. The live feeds given out in the social media walls excite the moviegoers making them eagerly add their own posts and tweets highlighting the theater.

Offering provisions to the customers to use the social media digital signs increase the value of the brand without having to put in much effort.

Offering Value Added Advertising to the Customers

Digital signage is designed in a way that enables the display of multiple content at the same time and theater managers can incorporate additional information like weather updates and news headlines adding to the value of the advertisement.

Increase Attendance for Events

Digital signage is an excellent option that the theater managers can choose to increase the attendance for special events. The event listings in the theater displays inform the moviegoers about several events contributing to increasing event attendance.

The updating of the digital signage screen is quite easy because the CMS pulls data automatically from the scheduling software. Customizing the event list with brand colors and signature images helps in increasing the brand awareness.

Traffic Information Display 

Incorporating traffic information into the digital signage in theaters adds its value. Traffic information displayed on digital screens helps the moviegoers heading home after the movie to stay informed about traffic delays and road closures. They can choose best available routes and get home safer and faster.

When the moviegoers look at the screens studying the traffic information, you can display promotional content on the screens periodically.

Digital signage has given a whole new definition to the world of business marketing, which is why businesses are approaching digital signage companies to design the best advertising strategy for them.